Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Marriage Blues

Same, same but different. Another tidbit from Kevin McKidd - who has been busy promoting this week's episode of Grey's which he has directed - on Cristina and Owen this second half of the season:

Are there any good story lines coming up for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy? — Heather

NATALIE: Meredith and Callie might be on the baby train, but Cristina is definitely not. Which is bad news for Owen, who's going to start to get the procreation itch himself, according to Kevin McKidd. "They rushed into their marriage at the start of the season, and the conversations they never quite had on fundamental things about life, not just children, are going to start to creep back in," he tells us. "There are going to be some bumps for them."



Anonymous said...

all I know is that they better not break them up

caseyscooby1985 said...

@ Anonymous.
I agree with you. One I don't want to see Cristina alone again. And I don't want her marriage with Owen to end. From what I have been seeing is that Cristina loves been married to him. So, maybe in some way, with all the fighting is that she is hiding her past from him.

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