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Wednesday. September 19, 2012

Episode 9.07 - Casting Sides 1, 2

Hope For Cristina & Owen
"Initially, it’s going to be very unsettling,” previews exec producer Shonda Rhimes of the couple’s Season 9 trajectory. “And then it’s going to get fairly romantic as we watch them find their way back to one another.” - Read more
Casting Update: Andrew Leeds

Actor Andrew Leeds joins the show for a potentially recurring role in a top-secret storyline, according to TV Line. He will not play a doctor and will first appear during November sweeps.

Tuesday. September 18, 2012

Ellen Pompeo On Season 9 & Cristina Yang
TV Guide Magazine: The Cristina fans really have been begging me for some hint of where she's headed.

Pompeo: We're all in the Boise hospital where we crashed and we stay there a couple days. And then we go back to Seattle. And then Cristina leaves to go to another hospital in the Midwest.

TV Guide Magazine: What effect does losing her person have on Mer?

Pompeo: Well, obviously Meredith thinks Cristina is running away and she shouldn't. Life sucks, but you can't run every time something happens. But the reality is 50 million bad things happened there. Meredith's mother died and we all almost got shot. George got run over by a bus. In a way, it's like Cristina's speech in the finale when she spoke about being so sick of watching people die. I am so glad she had that speech because in a way it is kind of absurd all the things they have to write into series television. For that reason, Cristina is outta there.
Source: TV Guide 

Saturday. September 16, 2012

Quick Hits From Kevin McKidd
SG: Is the cheating issue from last season still hanging over Owen and Cristina this season? 
Kevin McKidd: I think we’ve kind of blown past that in a way because the cataclysmic events of what happened, especially everything with Cristina. It’s going to come back and affect Owen as well — even though he wasn’t on the plane. In retrospect, it’s going to come back and really affect him in a big way too and in a way that we don’t expect. 
Source: EW

Tuesday. September 11, 2012

Sandra Oh & Ellen Pompeo Shoot On Location - Sep 11
Grey's Anatomy filming in front of my building this morning. Set up cafe scene & "Betsy's Coffee" cart.

Here's the scene from #GreysAnatomy shoot today in DowntownLA. Supposed to a cafe scene with car jumped up on curb:

Source: @ChristieCLy

Friday. September 7, 2012

Casting Dr. Good Guy
Grey's is looking for a new doctor in his mid-40s, who is perhaps just what Seattle Grace needs: a genuinely good guy. And he could be around for longer than one episode. - E!  

And in other casting news, actress Jerrika Hinton has been cast as intern on the show in a recurring role.


Episode 9.06 - Casting Sides

Saturday. September 1, 2012


"On-the-rocks Cristina and Owen also feel the love and slowly rebuild their relationship. And expect some doctors to be living lives far from Seattle Grace." - US Weekly.

Casting Update: Steven Culp & William Daniels

William Daniels, who played Cristina's proctor at the end of last season, is back guest starring on the show and working with Sandra Oh again.

Desperate Housewives' actor Steven Culp joins the cast in a recurring role and will play Dr. Parker, a top surgeon.

Monday. August 27, 2012

Episode 9.04
She [Cristina Yang] comes back home at Christmas to see her father. There's snow. - Link

Episode 9.05 - Casting Sides

Thursday. August 23, 2012

Casting Update

Actress Tessa Ferrer joins Grey's Anatomy in a recurring role as an intern in season 9.

Friday. August 17, 2012

Thursday. August 16, 2012

Cast Changes 

Tina Majorino, Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington.

Actress Tina Majorino joins the cast for a recurring role as an intern on the show, along with previously announced guest stars/potential regulars, Camilla Luddington and Gaius Charles.

Former series regulars Kim Raver, Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane will not return for season 9.

Monday. August 13, 2012

Sandra Oh And Ellen Pompeo On The Set Of Grey's Anatomy - Aug 12

Thursday. August 9, 2012

Sandra Oh On The Set In New Green Scrubs


Tuesday. August 7, 2012

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo shoot scenes at a firehouse, aka Cristina and Owen's apartment.


Sunday. July 29, 2012

The Times They Are A-Changin' In Season 9

Shonda Rhimes talks season 9 - Read more

Thursday. July 26, 2012

Cristina Yang In Winter Wonderland

It's pretty funny to see how they turned our Southern California circle drive into a Minnesota circle drive! They sprayed something on the leaves of the trees white and they have rolled up bolts of cotton (sprayed with water) along the curb to make it look like melted snow!