Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coming Up In The Hunt/Yang Household

Even more scoop from Kevin McKidd on directing Sandra Oh and the upcoming storyline for Yang and Hunt:

TVLINE | The episode synopsis also says, “Cristina is back, stronger than ever” – to which I say, “Thank God.”
Kevin McKidd:  Yeah, she’s being her old scrappy self, doing anything to trample over anyone in her way to get blood on her hands and cut. It’s fun to see her back to her old tricks.

TVLINE | Knowing Sandra Oh as well as you do, did you ever have to “catch” yourself doing something as a director that you know irks her?
Funny enough, there were a couple times like that. As a director you have to tell the story as clearly as you can, so sometimes you ask an actor to do things that may seem slightly obvious because its going to read well on camera. So I asked her at one point to do one thing and she was like, “No, no, no…. You don’t get to do that just because you’re director!” [Laughs] I was bang to rights, and we had a big joke about it.

TVLINE | I understand it’s not necessarily smooth sailing ahead for Owen and Cristina.
In Season 5, when Owen Hunt arrived, he was essentially a basket case; Cristina was there for him and supported him. In Season 6, he was flaky, all over the place, didn’t know who he loved, all that…. Now it’s his turn this season to pay Cristina back and be her man, her rock, to give her everything she needs. Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he gets it wrong, but his intentions have been very good. Now that she’s back to full health, this being Grey’s Anatomy, what’s better than when there’s angst and disagreement? So yeah, there’s some trouble ahead for them – and hopefully some comedy as well.

TVLINE | What’s the trouble stem from – family planning?

They just have major disagreements. They rushed into marriage because they loved each other….

TVLINE | There are worse reasons.
Exactly, but sometimes you don’t find out everything you to find out what that person’s beliefs are about certain fundamental things. They haven’t quite done their due diligence on each other, and a lot of that starts to come to light. How are they going to move through that and stay happy, knowing that maybe what one person wants isn’t what the other person wants?

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