Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet Detective Sergeant Sarah Chen

As we reported earlier, Sandra Oh has been cast as a detective in a British crime series based on the book Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham which is currently being filmed in London.

According to the author there are a lot of changes from the book, but he is happy with the adaptation. He also provided this important piece of information about Sandra's character for those who are reading the book:

Sandra Oh (best known for Grey's Anatomy) is playing Sarah Chen - a renamed Sarah McEvoy in Scaredy Cat. And very wonderful she is too!

A Danish review describes Sarah as "promiscuous, passionate in bed and a gypsy in her choice of bedfellows"* . The author described the character like this:

McEvoy is a copper who has problems, and its amazing that we often forget the people in professions such as the Police or Medicine are human. I remember when I was researching 'Sleepy Head' - I was surprised to find that there where re-hab clinics just for Doctors, to treat them for Alcohol, Drugs and Stress issues. So many people in these front-line professions have such problems, and McEvoy is no different to many coppers working out on the edge.
- Mark Billingham, Shots

And finally, here is an excerpt from the book where Sarah McEvoy/Sarah Chen makes her first appereance:

Thorne glanced to his left. Detective Sergeant Sarah McEvoy stared down the file in front of her. Thorne waited, but for the moment it seemed that she’d said everything that was on her mind. Of all of them, she was the officer who Thorne had known for the shortest time. And he still didn’t know her at all. Tough, no question and more than capable. But there was something about her that made Thorne a little wary. There was something hidden.
- Scaredy Cat, Mark Billingham

Intrigued? You can download the first chapter here.

So who's reading Scaredy Cat this summer? Or maybe you've already read it? Discuss below.

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joven said...

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Cassandra said...

It sounds very good, I just wonder if we will be able to see the show when it comes on. Plus, will Sandra and Kevin be back next season of Grey's Anatomy.

ali said...

sounds like a great role! can't wait!

hj said...

cool! Since this is a british series, does that mean we'll get to hear SO do a british accent? I'm intrigued!

Emma said...

Looking forward to seeing her in a different role. It´s been a long time since Sideways and even longer since Under the Tuscan Sun. I love Cristina Yang, but I know Sandra Oh can do much more, so welcome Sarah Chen! I don't live in the UK either, but If I won´t get to see it on TV, they´ll also make a DVD of it, I hope.

Siobhan said...

Had to return here to comment on this picture because Sandra Oh is GORGEOUS in it. Looking forward to seeing this film.

Dave said...

Her character dies in the book.

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