Friday, December 18, 2009

Behind The Big Kiss With Kevin McKidd

Sandra Oh doesn't do Grey's Anatomy interviews, but her co-star Kevin McKidd does. Here is a brand new interview from Fancast with Kevin McKidd where he talks about the latest episode of Grey's and what is coming up for Yang and Hunt:

Fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s‘ Owen/Cristina romance surely have watched, re-watched and re-re-watched the couple’s big kiss from the last episode, “Holidaze.” As such, you may think you know everything there is to know about that scorching smooch.

Think again.
I spoke with Kevin McKidd just before he jetted home to Scotland for the holidays, and he shed light on how the pivotal scene was meant to play out as well as shared insight into why Owen kissed Cristina so ardently.

First, the how. The way the episode was edited together, it appears that Owen took a day – from New Year’s Eve until the following afternoon – to process his intense run-in with Teddy and then ultimately demonstrate his feelings for Cristina.

McKidd, though, says that in the original script Cristina and Owen had their confrontation “the very next moment after he had his conversation with Teddy. He actually walked out of that scene with Teddy and into the scene with Cristina.”

Upon seeing the show’s final edit – in which the scenes were intercut with a “New Year’s Day” title card – McKidd says even he had to exclaim, “Oh, no. They made it the next day!”

Worth the “wait” though, right?

Now as for the why of the lip lock… well, that’s simply how the sometimes stoic Dr. Hunt operates.

“The thing about Owen,” McKidd says, “is that words get the better of him sometimes. But the pain he felt for putting her into that position [of not knowing] was too much for him. So in that moment he wanted to try, in a noble way, to communicate how much he really loves her. And the only way he could do that was by kissing her in that way.”

Sure enough, the bold buss assuaged any concerns Yang had about Hunt and how he might feel about her versus Teddy. “There was no ambiguity,” McKidd says. “He very directly tried to make her feel secure and on safe ground again.”

Is Dr. Altman done making waves for Hunt and Yang? Perhaps not just yet. When ‘Grey’s’ returns with new episodes on January 14, Teddy’s behavior in the wake of Owen rebuff will give people pause.

“He made it very clear where the line in the sand was, so he’s worried now that she’s operating in a way that could do some damage” – figuratively and literally, McKidd says.

Will Teddy’s behavior include trying to undermine Cristina in the workplace? All parties involved may wish it were so simple. Instead, what she does “is more complicated and subconscious,” McKidd teases, “which is a good thing and a bad thing.”
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