Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sandra Oh At The Korean BBQ Cook-Off

Sandra Oh was on of the judges at this year's Korean BBQ Cook-Off which was held in Los Angeles last weekend, and here is a pic from the event from some of the attendees:

UPDATE: Added another pic

And with that, we're now back again with regular updates after our little break.


Emma said...

Good to have you back, Sandra Oh Blog!

sohnews said...

Thanks! :D

Karen said...

Hi folks, I went to the Koerean BBQ two Saturdays ago and the amazing Sandra Oh walked right pass me. She was there by herself and showed up to have a good time, she really seemed to enjoy the music that was played{ mainly house}. She recieved the biggest and longest round of applause when judges were introduced. The MC had a baby boy, whom Sandra kissed. The father said his son was destine for greatness because Sandra Oh kissed him, the crowd went wild clapping at that.

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