Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canadian Bonding On The Set Of Grey's

Some gossip from the set of Grey's Anatomy, published today in the Canadian newspaper The Observer, where there's a Sandra mention:

LOS ANGELES — Call him Dr. McSwoon or Dr. McHeartthrob — but just keep calling him.

Good news for not-seene-nough McCanadian hunk

James Tupper and his fans: It seems Tupper may be poised to become the newest hunk on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, according to an ABC source.

Originally asked to guest star just one time as a trauma counsellor in the first episode of the upcoming season, Tupper heated up the camera so much that he was asked to stay on for the second episode ... And the third.

“The camera is just eating him up and producers are very aware of his hunk factor,” the source said. “We’re hoping this might be just the beginning for James on Grey.”


And what lucky gal would get him? Might it be the series’ second leading lady and fellow Canadian Sandra Oh? Let’s not forget, her relationship with trauma doc Kevin Kidd (who plays Owen Hunt) has been a little dodgy since his old girlfriend came back to town.

Although I’m not privy to anything in the script, I have been told that Tupper — married to actress Anne Heche, whom he met while filming Men in Trees in Vancouver — and Oh do hang out during breaks.

“They’re comfortable together, they do pal around. Maybe it’s the Canadian thing,” joked the source.
“Rehearsing lines that have ‘about’ and trying to sound American?”

By Linda Massarella

Source: The Observer. August 14, 2010.


Elizabeth said...

LOL. James Tupper is the spitting image of SHERLOCK HOLMES.

LMAO! ;-)

tutu said...

James Tupper is NOT married to Anne Heche and Teddy is NOT Owen's "old girlfriend".

marcy said...

and they got Kevin McKidd's name wrong too

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