Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Cristina And Owen - The Wedding Pic

Here it is peeps, from the latest issue of People magazine with a quote from Sandra Oh:

"Big life things happen when people go through traumatic events that are life and death. You understand what is important to you," says Oh, 39. "[Cristina] decides to get married based on an essential need to be safe." .

Filming the "relaxed and casual" nuptials was fun for the cast, especially because they weren't wearing scrubs. "Everyone looking so great and glam," says Oh, "it's rare for us!"



Kristin said...

I am sooo glad that they are finally getting married! I LOVE Owen and Cristina, together!!

JenSmith said...

what happened to Cristina and Avery?!

e2e said...

Yes, you're right, Lisa. Red is worn in most traditional Asian weddings to symbolize prosperity and good luck. Sorry, I just can't help agreeing with you :P

But I wonder if Shonda really wanted Cristina to wear red because of the Asian culture, or is it because Cristina is a bold and feisty character, so the colour red suits her personality. Either way, she looks so gorgeous!
And Owen is looking super sexy there too :P
They make such an awesome couple.

I love the hand-holding too <3

Llambert1 said...

I also love that its in Mers living room so cute! I love Mer and Cristinas friendship to they are twisted sisters!! lol

Llambert1 said...

I love that Cristina is getting HER wedding like she wanted when she was going to marry Burke, Owen loves her way more then Burke ever did! Owen and Cristina are perfect together I so can't wait to see them married!!! I am so happy the teddy owen cristina love triangle is over and for good!! I am for sure buying people mag tomorrow!!!

Lisa said...

Red is the asian color worn for weddings. White is worn for funerals in that country.

Cristina looks gorgeous. And I love that Owen and Cristina are holding hands! Such a lovely wedding.

Cassandra said...

She is wearing a red dress??? I guess it is like they have been saying that it is going to be a Cristina wedding, so it would be naturally for her to not wear white. But, the from scene, it looks to be a very nice wedding.

cindigrimes1 said...

I'm thrilled Christina and Owen are typing the proverbial knot. Now, if Meredith and Derrick would make theirs official, all would be good!!!!

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