Monday, June 7, 2010

Scaredy Cat: International Release

We have got some news for those of you who have been wondering if you will be able to see Sandra's upcoming movie Thorne: Scaredy Cat outside of the UK.

We have mentioned earlier that Thorne: Scaredy Cat will be broadcast on Sky1 in the fall 2010 in the UK, where it will air as a television series. This will later be followed by a worldwide theatrical release as a movie.

If you live in Canada, Mark Billingham has a few more details about the Canadian release:
It will be shown in Canada very quickly as some of the finance has come from there. A lot of Canadian talent too, on both sides of the camera, including the fabulous Sandra Oh from "Grey's Anatomy".

And he also said this about the changes from the book:
Many interesting changes from book to TV, which I hope readers will like. Not least...Brigstocke is now a SHE. And I think we have a fantastic Nicklin and Palmer. Ending rather different too, but I shall say no more.

Sarah Chen/McEvoy is a very fascinating character with plenty of things going on, and we don't want to oversell it, but this could turn out to be rather amazing.

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Silver Sand said...

I recently finished the book and now I'm even more excited!

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