Thursday, June 2, 2011

Date Squad: Short Film

In 2001 Sandra Oh appeared in the short film Date Squad with Amanda Peet and Adam Scott (Parks & recreation) where Sandra is being fierce as always:

sandra oh date squad alpha baby short film

Full film and synopsis are below. Or just skip to the 2:10 minute mark for the dancing part:

Date Squad (9:32 min)
Plagued by a paucity of second dates, Belkis Felcher (Amanda Peet) is truly a romantic train wreck.

Her well-intentioned sister takes matters into her own hands and hires Date Squad, headed by Alpha Baby (Sandra Oh), to perform a full-scale intervention, including a makeup and wardrobe makeover, covert conversational tips and seduction secrets.

Despite their good intentions, fly moves and high-tech gadgetry, even Date Squad may not be able to help Belkis, which may not be such a bad thing!
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