Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Season 6 DVD - Cover Art

This award-winning medical drama heats up in a season where the hottest doctors on TV face some of the most important moments in their lives. The Mercy West/Seattle Grace merger creates more competition, more doctors, and more drama. This exciting six-disc DVD set showcases the fantastic ensemble cast with exclusive content, including two extended episodes, allowing viewers to own some of the series' most exciting moments.
It's been a couple of months now since ABC/Disney announced that Grey's Anatomy - The Complete 6th Season will arrive on DVD this coming September 14th. The 6-disc set, costing $59.99 SRP in the USA and CA$79.99 SRP in Canada, will contain 2 extended episodes that include a season finale with 22 minutes of extra footage! Other bonus material, if any, has not been revealed so far. However, the studio has finally unveiled the finalized package art for this collection, and we've got a look at it for you today!



kellbell79 said...

Isn't that a behind the scenes shot of Sandra Oh? Wasn't there a pic that came out early in the season of them staging a lunch scene, or something, and she was wearing a scarf like that? Cristina never wears scarves like that though. It's sort of weir they would pick a behind the scenes or possibly candid shot of her for the box art. Also, why such a sad pic? Poor Cristina.

kellbell79 said...

Should say "sort of weird" obviously. lol

Iriswoo said...

They need to get a nicer one for Cristina.

jnrbnr said...

My initial reaction of the photo of Sandra Oh was "this is the best one they could find - REALLY?"

Ashley said...

Why the sad pic? Maybe because of all the grief and sadness she's had to deal with this season, thanks to that idiot boyfriend of hers. Frankly, I think it's a sign that Cristina should move on from Hunt. Maybe in the S7 cover she'll look a lot happier.

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