Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Latest Spoilers On Cristina/Owen, and the Alt-Reality Episode

Latest spoilers from TVLine's Michael Ausiello who has more details on what's coming up for Cristina and Owen and the alternative reality episode of Grey's:

Question: So, what is next for Owen and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy? Their obvious differences over the abortion plus this latest crisis would surely have some effect on their marriage. What can you tell us, O Wise One? —Cinders 
Ausiello: This probably won’t come as much of a shock given the fact that Shonda Rhimes already told me their relationship is about to be blown “up to holy hell,” but Owen and Cristina will seek the help of a professional in the near future. But while Rhimes confirms that the duo will start seeing a shrink, she adds, “It’s not in the way anybody thinks. That’s all I’m going to say about that.” Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? 

We're thinking that some alternative therapy a lá Judy Song would be fun to watch.

Question: Burning Q about Grey’s Anatomy’s alt-reality episode: Is it something that Meredith imagines? In other words, will she be able to take anything away from the experience? —Christy 
Ausiello: Nope. Viewers will be the only ones taking this particular trip. “It’s not a journey that Meredith is aware of,” Rhimes explains. “The episode starts out as sort of a “What If?” question that’s asked in the voiceover. We just really wanted a chance to explore the “What If? of it all.  
And also, it illuminates what’s most important to our characters. There’s an unarticulated longing in that episode for the characters. The sense that something’s wrong and something’s lost, but they don’t quite know what it is because they’re not themselves.”

It was revealed yesterday that Owen and Callie will be a couple in the alternative reality episode. What do you think happens to Cristina and who would you like to see her paired up with? Alex, McSteamy, Arizona or maybe even Preston Burke?
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