Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cristina Yang And Pacey Witter Sitting In A Tree...

Spoilers included.

Cristina Yang finally gets a new storyline on Grey's and it's a good one. From TV Guide's Ask Ausiello weekly column:

Question: You mentioned that Joshua Jackson's three-episode Grey's Anatomy arc was delayed indefinitely because of the writers' strike. However, there's a new Grey's airing this Thursday. Will he be in that episode? — Meagan

Ausiello: No, hence the "delayed indefinitely" thing. The good news is that I hear Shonda Rhimes has every intention of shoe-horning Pacey into Seattle Grace (and Cristina's bed) the second the strike is over.

And the Ausiello Vodcast:

Grey's finally gives Cristina a storyline. Grey's Anatomy may have run out of original episodes last Thursday but luckily the spoilers don't end there. No siree. According to my Grey's mole, the next episode, which was in the process of being written when the strike began, will thrust Cristina into 2 major storylines. One of them I already told you about a romance between her and Joshua Jackson's doctor character. The other I didn't and that's because I just found out myself. I'm hearing that Dr. Yang will be the one to help Meredith get over her split with Derek. A breakup that, my mole insists, will stick for awhile, at least until the conclusion of the Derek/Rose arc.

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