Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 in 2010 On Sandra Oh News

To summarize the year 2010, we have compiled a top 10 list of the ten most popular posts here on Sandra Oh News during the year. Let us begin the countdown:

Sandra Oh and co-star Ellen Pompeo have a side project together outside of Grey's and have both been cast in the musical The Goree Girls starring Jennifer Aniston. Supposedly. There is no official confirmation, so until then it only remains a rumour. Those singing skills will be tested soon enough though in the upcoming musical episode of Grey's.

Cristina and Owen got married on Grey's Anatomy in the season premiere to everyone's surprise and ABC released tons of photos from the wedding. Cristina+Owen fans cheered. Cristina+Jackson fans, not so much.

The popular book series about police detective Tom Thorne by Mark Billingham was adapted into a television series in UK and Sandra Oh was cast as English copper Sarah Chen. Sandra spent the summer in London shooting the series based on the book Scaredy Cat which premiered in November in the UK.

Of course, by now you know what happened.

Sandra Oh met up with her Grey's co-star Kevin McKidd in London during the summer who was also there shooting a movie, and they attended the Sex and The City 2 movie premiere together.

The cast of Grey's Anatomy ditched their usual blue scrubs and got glammed up for their promotional group photo. That's bananas!

We'll say it again. Only 2 minutes of bloopers?! Ay dios mio.

Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd did some more partying in London this summer with a dude with blog.

People magazine released the first Cristina and Owen wedding photo along with a rare brief interview with Sandra Oh who usually doesn't talk about Grey's with the press.

Everyone and their mother (Seriously, peeps!) wanted to know if Sandra Oh was leaving Grey's Anatomy and Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes finally confirmed that Sandra Oh will be here for season 8. Woo-hoo! Grey's Anatomy without Cristina Yang would be like...Well, you finish that sentence.

Thanks to all our visitors and everyone who has contributed to the site throughout the year and we'll try to make the new one even better.

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Anonymous said...

"Grey's Anatomy without Cristina Yang would be like...Well, you finish that sentence." "It would be like not happening" Sandra Oh/Cristina Yang is just as much "Grey's" as Mer. "Grey"

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