Friday, May 28, 2010

Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Baby Spice And An Actor Dude

Even more Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd sightings in London...

Here are a few pictures from last night with Sandra and Kevin hanging out with former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton and British actor Jake Canuso at the Sex And The City 2 premiere after party:

sandra oh kevin mckidd sex and the city after party london emma bunton

@EmmaBuntonHeart: This made my night! Greys Anatomy is the best!

sandra oh and kevin mckidd at the sex and the city after party in london
@JakeCanuso: Aint it nice how Sandra Oh leans on me as if she's known me for years? Kevin McKidd desperatly squeezed in

For everyone who has been wondering, both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are in London at the moment filming separate projects.


IrisWoo said...

Jake Canuso tweeted me back said that Sandra was very lovely at the party!

Plus, Sandra looks so beautiful in red.

Holly said...

They seem to go everywhere together. Love that they are BFFs in real life!

Ginger said...

Cool! Even though I don't know who Jake Canuso is, Sandra is lovely! lol. SO is KMK. Freakin hi-larious that Baby spice is such a Greys fan too! I have a new found respect for her! ;-D... Me thinks that if it weren't for KMK, the biggest CO fan their is, things would of been a hell of lot worse in season sux-6. I don't think we should condemn Owen, he's messed up from the PTSD and the lousy writers, his CHOICE has always been Cristina. ANd if Cristina loves him, and he is truely the ONE for her, then it is not abot her deserving better, because it is about who makes her happy. Look at how much she has grown since CO started. Owen is not the bad guy he's been superficially made out to be... Poor Avery, he will be next on Shonda's list for the sake of no man is perfect-melo-drama!
I still believe in CO! And hope Cristina and Avery become good friends, he's certainly been written into the show and the good books of Meredith... So I expect him and April will be joining the table of the original 3 at lunch/ cafeteria scenes in season 7.

ElizabethSOfan said...

Its lovely isent it, bff's :)

Cassie said...

Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd seem like they have a lot in common as actors so it doesn't surprise me that they hang out together. They're both veterans of independent movies and the theater early in their careers. I hope they're talking future projects together.

Ashley said...

"ANd if Cristina loves him, and he is truely the ONE for her, then it is not abot her deserving better, because it is about who makes her happy."

It bothers me to think that you would give the same advise to your daughter/sister/friend.

Iriswoo said...

Actually it is about she deserves better, she deserves a man who are not confused about his feelings for another woman, who can answer the question whether to love her when Cristina asked so.

Besides, does Owen make her happy? No, that was all fake happy, until Cristina found out the truth. I guess she has cried b/c of Owen more than she has ever done when she was with Burke.

Anya said...

You can't have it both ways here. You can't say that she deserves better because he isn't sure who he loves and then assert that she wasn't happy with him anyways, and that it was "fake" happy until she found out the truth.

Owen did answer the question as to whether he loved her, and answered it in a way that not only proved that he loved her but also that he understood her, her friendship with Meredith and the fact that she had to keep going in surgery.

And Cristina would not be with Owen if he did not make her happy, sorry. They fight and argue and they have issues, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to be with him and that he doesn't make her happy. Just because people are disillusioned with the character they are putting that on Cristina as well. She is happy with him, whether those people like it or not. People forget that she had all kinds of fights and issues with Burke too. Does that mean she was never happy with Burke? Of course not.

Owen has made his choice several times this season, each time choosing Cristina. Cristina chose him too, when she traded Owen and then chose both him and surgery and in the finale when she asked Meredith to save "her guy". So maybe in some viewer's eyes Cristina deserves better, but like it or not, she made her choice too.

Iriswoo said...

For the Cristina picking surgery over Owen, I did think she did this in very disrepectful way, but I totally understood her, judging from how the SL went, I think she should just keep choosing surgery over a guy who can not make a desicison. Yes, I still think he is indecisive, plot device or not, he didn't answer the question right away when Cristina asked him, for me, it was too late, besides, I have a feeling that Owen would go back to the hospital for Teddy in that situation either.

Yes, in a lot of viewers' eyes Cristina deserve way better than this, that is why they jumped this ship and started to ship Cristina with someone else, SR wrote Cristina to choose Owen doesn't mean that will change the viewers' mind, beside SR changes her idea all the time.

Iriswoo said...

No mention that a guy finally chooses her and understands her at the moment when a gun pointing at her, really?

Anya said...

Cristina chose surgery over him before his "indecisiveness" but that's not the point anyways, because I understood her actions there as well. But again, Owen did make his decision. Over and over again this season he consistently chose Cristina, and that's all I'm trying to say. And judging from how KmK played the scenes in the finale, Owen would not have rushed back for Teddy in the hospital the way he did for Cristina. He was not worried about Teddy the way he was about Cristina, so no, I don't think he would have gone back for Teddy in that way.

In a lot of viewer's eyes Cristina may deserve better, and that's fine, because we all have different opinions and that's the nature of fandom. It's the constant rewriting of what we've seen onscreen that I find tiresome, because Owen's done some crappy things this season, but the way people rant about his character is just ludicrous at this point. To say that Cristina wasn't happy with Owen before anything about the triangle happened...that is people putting their own views on the character, not what Cristina has expressed at all on the show. Like or don't like the character of Owen, but rewriting the show to fit it to your lens and stating it as fact does not make it so.

I didn't say that he all of a sudden understood her and that he realized he loved her in that instant when he saw a gun pointed at her. My point was that he did show that he loved her, through both his actions and words. Whether it was enough for some viewers...obviously debatable, but he did reinforce his love for her.

I don't care that people didn't like the progression of the O/C relationship this season or the storyline, or that they now don't like the Owen character or ship Cristina with someone else. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But a lot of the assertions people have made and a lot of the vitriol towards a television show and a television character is just soooo ridiculous at this point and as a fan of the show it is really frustrating to see the same points be beaten to death by the same people without any discussion or willingness to hear other viewpoints.

This isn't directed towards you so much as it is towards the fandom as a whole. We all have different viewpoints, different characters that we like, pairings, etc. But the constant bashing and lack of anything positive this season in the Grey's fandom has ruined it more than anything the writers could think of putting on our television screens.

Elizabeth said...

Owen did not really like Teddy. He tried to have her FIRED by Derek - that is not a mixed signal. He obviously cared about Teddy because she was one of the few people that survived Iraq and Teddy may have had true feelings for Owen which is a confusing situation.

Owen, however, never kissed Teddy, never encouraged Teddy to keep trying, and though he would've probably gone back for Teddy, he only felt bad that he had to go back for Cristina in front of Teddy, which hurt Teddy's feelings. He clearly loved Cristina the whole season.

IrisWoo said...

How did he show his love to Cristina? By bring a woman who was in love with as her teacher? By using caveman sex to understand her? By being confused about another woman?

How did he show his love to her?

Iriswoo said...

Constantly insulting people who has different opinions, who do not like the one you like is really frustrate to see either.

Iriswoo said...

Let me answer, I am sure as hell I wouldn't suggest my friend or my sister to be with a man like Owen.

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