Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: 'Here Comes The Bride...'

Good news Yang/Hunters, not so good news Cristina/Jackson fans.

Owen Hunt is making an honest woman out of Cristina Yang - or the other way around - as they are getting married in the season premiere and Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes explains it all:

“The theme of this season is rebirth,” declares the Grey’s boss lady. “Everybody is sort of coming out of this very dark place [following last season's massacre]. And there was something really hopeful and beautiful about Cristina and Owen getting married.”

At the same time, Rhimes says she wanted something to symbolize that the show was undergoing a major shift in season 7. Basically, she needed a game-changer. “We talked about jumping ahead in time, we talked about jumping ahead a year,” she says. “And when it came down to it, the one thing that signals the biggest change in the world is Cristina wanting to be a bride. There can be nothing more different for Cristina than Cristina wanting to be a bride.”

With the will-they-or-won’t-they tension gone, is Rhimes at all worried “Crowen” will succumb to the dreaded B-word? “It’s really hard for Cristina and Owen to be boring,” Rhimes argues. “If Mer and Der are a lighter couple, Cristina and Owen are so fraught with their darkness and their twistiness that I can’t imagine them getting boring ever.”

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