Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Gossip From London

More Sandra Oh (and Kevin McKidd) sightings in London:

Get ready Greys Anatomy fans: I'm at dinner at Dean St Townhouse and Sandra Oh is on a date with her veteran doctor lover at the next table!



gossiptrends said...

Seems like both really like each other!

Ashley said...

It's great that they're BFFs in real life, but as far as Grey's goes, I can never root for Owen/Cristina again. Cristina can do so much better than Hunt.

Iriswoo said...

That is really true.

Holly said...

I seriously love that they are such great friends!
Although S6 has been crappy for Cristina & Owen, I'm praying S7 will be better for them. Haven't gave up hope on them yet!

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