Saturday, May 29, 2010

What A Woman!

Toronto Sun has published this new article on Sandra Oh and her work ethics and a little bit of praise:

LOS ANGELES — I have only three words to say about Canadian actress Sandra Oh after watching her in the finale of Grey’s Anatomy: Emmy, Emmy, Emmy.

While there are a lot of fine actors on the series, it’s no accident that Oh, whose background is in theatre and dance, is emerging as the finest of the lot.

“Everybody’s serious about putting the show out, but Sandra is just that much more disciplined,” an ABC cameraman said.

“Sandra’s usually the first one on the set. She never lets personal issues get in the way; she stays clear of gossip but more importantly, she comes in really knowing her lines, like backwards and forwards,” the source said.

That hard work has turned her character, Dr. Cristina Yang, into one of the most interesting, ground-breaking female heroines on television.

In the two-hour final episode, with a gunman running rampant through Seattle Grace Hospital, there was great scene after great scene. The entire cast was fantastic especially Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey.

But who can deny that Oh’s performance was the diamond on the cake when she found herself performing a life-saving operation on her boss and best friend’s husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), as a psychopath presses a gun to her head demanding she stop and let Shepherd die. (Our beloved, tough-lady doc, of course, ends up saving the day).

All’s well that ends well in the continuing TV medical drama, but after that scene, the Emmy academy would be nincompoops not to give her the best-actress award during the next ceremony in July.

In her five years on Grey’s, Oh has been nominated for an Emmy each year, but has yet to win.

Of course, she has won plenty of other awards: A couple of Genie Awards for her turn in two Canadian films — Double Happiness and Last Night; a Golden Globe for her role in Grey’s in 2005; a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2006 — also for Grey’s.

Moreover, Oh and the rest of the cast of Sideways — which she considered her best film — won four different best ensemble awards from a variety of places such as the Boston Society of Film Critics and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Oh, who turns 39 on July 21, is known in the business as one of the hardest working actresses in town. And the single actress admits it may have gotten in the way of her personal life. “As a working actor, all I want to do is work. That’s it,” she said in a previous interview.


What a woman!


Silver Sand said...

Love just love her! I so don't care about prizes usually, but come on, she so deserves and Emmy!

Kerrie said...

Sandra Oh is fabulous. I wish her even more success. I want to see more of her in movies and starring in her own TV show. And soon, dammit! lol

Emma said...

Let´s hope she gets that Emmy this year! I´m a bit worried though about the last part of the article. I wish Sandra Oh all the best professionally (and I would love to see her in other roles than Cristina Yang's), but at the same time I hope she finds her "me and Owen" in her own life too (and by that I don't mean Kevin McKidd!) .

IrisWoo said...

I need to learn a lot from her.

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