Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess Who?

Kristin from E! wants you to, so read below:

In the timeless words of one Mr. Long Duck Dong: They're getting maweed?!

OK, so not quite yet. But I did just score some deeply classified intel about where our fan-favorite couples on Grey's Anatomy are headed in the next few weeks, and here's what I can tell you:

  • One of the six lovely ladies pictured above will hear a completely unexpected love profession that includes the suggestion of, yes, marriage. It's pretty stunning—for us and for her.
  • Another woman pictured above will be propositioned for a threesome. (And you will laugh.)

  • Another couple will break up.

  • Another duo will move apart when a secret is outed.

  • And yet another pair will get this close to breaking up because of a misunderstanding, but come out the other side.

What does all this add up to? Per usual, Grey's writers are pulling out all the stops for May sweeps, and the final episodes of the season are shaping up to be some seriously good TV. (Hint: You do not want to miss Grey's on Thursday, May 13. And this week's episode seems pretty great too.)

Got theories? Of course you do. Start sleuthing it out in the comments below...


Cassandra said...

1.) Suggestion of Marriage: ???? (I hope Christina)
2.) Threesome: Bailey or Teddy or Callie
3.) Breakup: Between Owen and Christina or Callie and Arizona
4.) Move apart: Lexie or Teddy
5.) An almost breakup: I am definately believing that it is Owen and Christina.

Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

Here is what I think:

1. Alex and Lexi (even though I SOO hope its Owen and Cristina!!)
2. Teddy, Mark and that other girl reid I think it was in the preview.
3. Callie and Arizona (kinda already happend)
4. Bailey (in the preview she saw her guy flirting with someone else)
5. Cristina and Owen!! I am soo hoping its them they come out on the other side I don't think us Owenstina fans could handle a break up with them, Cristina deserves to be happy!

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