Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where's Sandra?

Grey's Anatomy was filming scenes at the University of Southern California earlier this week, and here's Sandra Oh posing for a pic with the students. See if you can spot her:


Anonymous said...

Those lucky bitches, I am so jealous of them.

Elizabeth said...

Didn't want to, but I have to comment... I cannot believe they went to MY SCHOOL USC! I LOVE IT! I'll be back there soon and I cannot wait to hear what everyone says!

I'm not jealous. I honestly could not approach Sandra Oh. I'd turn into a blithering mass on the floor, like I do around anyone famous, and then hate myself afterwards. So yeah, I LOVE THE PICTURE and I am SO HAPPY FOR ALL MY FRIENDS! ;-) This is AWESOMETASTIC! THANK YOU GA!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this episode about? And Sandra Oh is in the center of the picture wearing black. Seriously, Grey's where is this storyarc going?

Anonymous said...

it looks like one of these where is waldo game

Admin said...

Anonymous 1: LOL

Elizabeth: Glad you posted your comment! :)

Anonymous 2: We hear that Cristina is getting her groove back! HeartGodessYang has the scoop here:

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me what that twitter page says...please? i tried to look at it but it says the page dose not exist

Admin said...

Here you go:

Sandra Oh was filming as Cal University which means she is the badass that will save people in the fire in eppy 7:11!!!!! @sandraohnews

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