Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing Grey's Anatomy

BHJ from MamaPop (aka the dude with the funny recaps) can’t accept that the Grey’s Anatomy people just disappear into the void during the summer, so he wrote a piece of "fan fiction" about it and included himself in it. Here is the excerpt:

So, being that the characters exist primarily in our imaginations, where else, but our imaginations, should we look for what’s happening in the lives of our favorite characters?
I’m in Seattle with chest pains, probably a heart attack, so I go to Seattle Grace. It only opened yesterday. It was shut down for a couple days because some lunatic, avenging his dead wife, walked around and shot everybody. I am immediately referred to Dr. Yang. Well, okay.

“It’s not a heart attack.” she says. “I think it’s gas. Or it might be this rare medical condition where you have two hearts because you’re so filled with love and joy. Probably gas, though. I’m going to run some tests.”

We are in love.

Which puts me in quite a pickle because I’m married and I have two kids. Maybe I do have two hearts. “You have a wife?!?” Yang implores, noting my ring. “But we just fell in love during a routine intake for chest pains that are probably gas!”

“Yeah.” I say. “She’s a nurse.” I’m torn asunder by the drama of loving two women to the soundtrack of some emo guy strumming a guitar and singing about the ceaselessness of waves on the beach. Yang laughs her head off.

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ElizabethSOfan said...

Oh my that is very funny :)

Angela Boyko said...

I'm part of a team that writes Crowen fanfiction every summer. Sometimes we write in elements that show up later in show. For example, in season 5.5, we wrote about Cristina getting a cardio mentor, a woman who is attracted to Owen and ends up dating Mark. Sound familiar? :-)

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