Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Episode For Sandra Oh Coming Up

Latest on Grey's Anatomy from Kristin on E!:

Tessa in New Orleans: No one is going to die on Grey's Anatomy, right?
No deaths among the cast that I know of, but there is a death very soon that will affect Cristina and bring back some painful memories. It's a fantastic episode for Sandra Oh actually. Her character definitely has some strong material in the coming weeks that could win her that overdue Emmy.

Drew: Thanks for all the juicy Grey's couples scoop! Who is it that drops the M (marriage) bomb?
The marriage-related word that is dropped is actually an H-bomb: "Husband." And that's all I can say!

Pete in Ipswich, Mass.: Did Kevin McKidd say anything about the season finale?
I asked KMK if it's true that what happens is "unlike anything Seattle Grace has seen before" (per ABC), and he said, "Whatever it is that happens, Owen has a take on it that is interesting, connected and linked to his past life. In the finale, he's busy for a lot of it, but it comes up to speed quickly, and he makes some more snap decisions than other people are able to." Clearly, whatever goes down is big enough that he doesn't want to give much away. Big? On a Grey's finale? I know, bonkers!
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