Monday, February 9, 2009

Joshua Jackson Talks Grey's Anatomy

Once upon a time Joshua Jackson was set to play Cristina Yang's love interest on Grey's Anatomy, but the writers' strike got in the way and put a stop to that. He talks about that in a recent interview:

Joshua Jackson and Sandra at the 

24th Annual Artios Awards on Nov. 10, 2008.

NEW YORK — Joshua Jackson might now be the star of J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi drama “Fringe,” but we “Grey’s Anatomy” fans out there remember a time not so long ago where Jackson was supposed to be the new dreamy doctor at Seattle’s Grace.

Though the “Fringe” roundtable interview with Jackson at New York Comic-Con didn’t leave much of an opportunity to get a question in edgewise about “Grey’s” versus “Fringe,” I got the opportunity to talk to Jackson before he was rushed off to the “Fringe” panel.

After informing him how, as enjoyable as Kevin McKidd is on the show, I couldn’t help but watch and think how much different (and better?) the show could have been with him on it, he wistfully responded with, “You know, the day we were supposed to start filming was the day the writer’s strike began.”

Declaring that “The X-Files” was one of his favorite shows ever and comparing the hidden connections of “Fringe” to how Beastmaster’s third sword was the same as He-Man’s, (”Because it was,” he assured us) it is clear that a sci-fi show could be more up his alley than the adult, hospital version of “Dawson’s Creek.”

He did assure me he regretted not having the opportunity to work alongside Christina Oh [sic!] - he was supposed to be her love interest in “Grey’s Anatomy” until filming was put on hold due to the strike and he eventually went to “Fringe” and McKidd replaced his character - and he would take any future project where he could work with her.

Maybe if Shonda Rhymes ever does make a second spin-off starring Christina Yang (Sandra Oh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character) she could give Jackson a call and have one of her characters live happily ever after. That is, if she doesn’t decide to make a spin-off where Izzie and George (if T.R. Knight gets the same send-off it looks like Katherine Heigl is being sent towards) hang out with Denny Duquette and Ellis Grey and ride unicorns across rainbows over rivers of chocolate joy. Both options seem entirely plausible at this point.


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Anonymous said...

Sooooo gutted about this! Pacey was my crush for the whole of my teenage life watching Dawsons Creek so to have him then in Greys too which pretty much dictates my world when on would have been amazing!
Lets get him in.....gutted!!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I like Joshua Jackson I am so thankful the writers strike, devin intervention, whatever u wanta call it took place-because Kevin McKidd is Owen Hunt! Sandra Oh n Kmk makeup my Dream Team!

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