Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grey's Murder Mystery

Did we tell you how much we love Mamapop's hilarious Grey's Anatomy recaps? We did, but we want to tell you again.

This excerpt is from this week's recap, which you can read in its entirety here:

I would love to write my recap of GREY'S ANATOMY, but as many of you know, Grey's Anatomy was canceled this week for some big hospital game of Clue. Was it Karev in the O.R. with the cricothyrotomy? Yang in the waiting room with a morphine prescription? God in His Heavens for creating these throbbing lives of strife and suffering?

Let's scrub in, Encyclopedia Brown.


"I thought this was a hospital drama, Dr. Watson. Why the sudden genre switch? Ah. A mystery."

What the hell happened on Grey's Anatomy this week?Where was the love and the sex and the romantic frustration that almost tears couples apart but only leads to hotter sex? Isn't there like 3 versions of CSI on 35 times a week, Grey's Anatomy? Stick to the script!

Heh. And word!
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