Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yanglicous! Grey's Anatomy Recaps

Grey's Anatomy just isn't the same show that we once fell in love with and frankly, if Sandra wasn't on we doubt that we'd still be watching.

But what we do love is Angelamermaid's Grey's Anatomy Captionized episode recaps for the snark and the laughs.

Now if you love snarky recaps as much as we do, check out Mamapop's Grey's Anatomy recaps which we we have recently discovered. They are written by a funny dude who loves all things Yang...

Here is an excerpt:

Anyway, Yang was hysterical and sobbing and I felt compelled to enfold her in my arms and tell her "You're not going anywhere, Yang. You're the HEART of this hospital and this show.". But then I wondered if maybe she was crying about how unfair it was that Kate Walsh got her own show while she remained with such a floundering cast.

Anyway, a Yang spinoff could potentially save my marriage. We could abandon Grey's and watch the Yang show, which I think should be called Yangalicious! or I Heart Yang! or Yang! Yang! Shot Through The Heart.

Heh. Check out this week's recap here.
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