Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kevin McKidd Talks Yang And Hunt

We have come to rely on Kevin McKidd for some good Cristina Yang+Owen Hunt-scoopage. The always kind Mr. McKidd talked about what is happening on Grey's this season, in this interview with TV Guide Magazine:

"...I have a big scene tomorrow for the Christmas episode. All I can say is that me and two other people from the cast will be making music and creating something special for the hospital's holiday gathering."

He would not clarify whether his character Owen Hunt would be singing or playing an instrument, but neither option is a skill he claims to be an expert at. "I don't know if I would go as far as to say that I am good, but I will give it my best shot."

One actor he hopes to keep making sweet music with is Sandra Oh. "Personally, I hope Owen and Cristina make it through the season unscathed and together because I love working with Sandra and I felt like we were telling a valid, emotional, truthful story that many people are going through in this country.

But there's been so much happening at work with the merger that they have stepped back from the personal side stories. Because they're in a relatively new relationship, the tension is taking its toll. They're misreading each other and have gotten out of sync, but they're going to get back in sync over the next few weeks.

Of course, there are also a few things that they're going to butt heads over. [Those] will be a signal for the problems they will have throughout the rest of the season, which they may or may not manage to resolve."

While he hopes the on-screen couple works out the kinks, he's enjoying how much the Seattle Grace/Mercy West merger storyline is keeping everyone on their toes. "I make sure to memorize all my lines so they don't get any ideas about firing Owen," he joked before adding, "One of the things they do so well at Grey's is keep everybody including the audience engaged and hungry. You want contentment in life, not on your favorite TV show. We're a much better show when the drama level is high. The writers allow just enough happiness to balance out the bleak times."


Anonymous said...

Please! Let them manage to reslove their problems :-) or I won't have any reason to watch Grey's anymore!!

elise said...


layne said...

Make that 3 of us. I've invested a year in this couple and if they split up, I'm done with Grey's, I hate to say. I simply have no interest in the show without Cristina/Owen together in it.

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