Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discuss The Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

It's time for another season finale of Grey's Anatomy, which we thought some of you may want to discuss here.

Sandra Oh's contract with the show expires next year which could make season 8 her final season. It remains to be seen if she chooses to extend it. 

Canadian peeps will be able to watch the episode two hours earlier, at 7 PM ET.

You can start commenting at any time. For those who of you who don't want to be spoiled until you've seen the episode, click here to look at some pretty pics of Sandra Oh instead. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Worst. Season. Finale. Ever.
I feel so underwhelmed right now.

Owen is such an a hole. This is exactly what Cristina had to put up with Burke. Ultimatums demanding that she be someone she's not to prove how much she loves the guy. I am so sick of it. She deserves better. I am just so done with Owen.

I had kind of anticipated that MerDer and Cristina/Owen were going to split up in the finale - but I had hoped for the episode to have ended with Cristina and Meredith just lying in bed like they used to - only now with little Zoey - and kind of tap into that soulmate bond where they are always the ones there for each other when all these crap guys come and go from their lives. I really wanted that moment - it was such a Grey's moment and they totally did not put that in there.

And finally, the plane crash from which no one survived. The whole situation felt so obviously fabricated and cheap. As someone who has lost an older sister and whose childhood was mostly having to watch her parents go through hell from the grief in the aftermath, I do not buy at all that these parents/spouses/loved ones somehow had this special moment together where they were all like "oh yea, think of what this mother is going through. her daughter survived and is in surgery. let's all gather around her and have this special moment." grief like that, you do not see anything in front of you except your loss - and you are beyond rational and reason. I know what grief looks like - and although I know people have different ways of grieving - the grief written for this episode just felt so exploited in an attempt to create some sort of warm fuzzy feelings for the viewers.

Ugh. I'm just... I can't even...

I don't think I even have room to be upset that Kepner got chief resident, or that the blond chick just had to come back to be a pain in Alex (who I don't hate)'s neck one last time. What the hell was she thinking??? "oh, let me steal Alex's job as a passive aggressive way of getting back at him for not being more expressive about his feelings for me quickly enough. but wait, now i change my mind, let me go back and just demand that he confess his feelings for me. i think then i will give him a chance."

okay, i'm going to stop now.

Anonymous said...

Owen didn't demand Cristina have a baby. He asked her to think about it before deciding.

Anonymous said...

She did, and decided, then the husband throwed her out.

Anonymous said...

i am thinking positive in the next season. i am thinking that after a nights sleep,cristina will start to realize that she really needs to consider owen feelings coz he's her other half. but if shonda hinks of other scenarios its ok anyway i really love the character of yang!

Emma said...

Anonymous at 10.48PM, I sooo agree with you! I didn´t even bother to watch the whole episode, just the C/O bits and pieces on YouTube, and that was more than enough.

By the way, isn't the house Cristina's? I mean, not that it matters all that much at this point, but I think that the one who should leave the firehouse is Owen. If he'd had at least a little bit of style left, he would have gone out, instead of THROWING HIS PREGNANT WIFE OUT OF HER OWN HOUSE.

I started liking Owen less last season when he had all those doubts about choosing Teddy or Cristina, but I knew Cristina would be devastated if he had left her. Now I do hope this is the last we saw of him with her. Time for Cristina to move on and find someone who does understand her, and accepts her for who she is. After her traumatic experiences with Burke and Owen though, I'm afraid it won't be easy for her to trust someone else any time soon.

As unexpected and contradictory as this may sound, now I think I am looking forward to season 8. Hoping that Shonda Rhimes will put an official divorce between Owen and Cristina, and lets Cristina move on, at least for as long as Sandra Oh decides to stay on the show.

Now I hope I'll be able to find the bits with Scott Foley in them, and see what happened to him and Teddy...

Anonymous said...

Cristina may have bought it, ie put the down payment on the house, but I'm pretty sure at this point the house is the both of theirs. In Grey's time, they've been married for over a year and I don't buy that Cristina put up the entire cost of that firehouse in one day, so I am willing to bet it is the both of theirs.

And sorry, I believe Owen and Cristina are end game whether people like it or not. I don't understand the argument that Owen isn't accepting Cristina for who she is in this case. All he wanted was to be a part of the decision, which, again, like it or not, is what a marriage is, making those types of decisions together. He asked her to take time so they could both be a part of that decision and she didn't even give it a day before she scheduled the appointment without telling him. He didn't tell her to get out because he was upset about her getting an abortion, he was upset because she axed him out of the decision.

Maybe he did tell her to get out, but he had the right to be angry too, I'm sorry. It wasn't the best way to approach the situation at all, and he will get flack for that along for everything else he does on the show, such as breathing, by some people, but he deserved to be angry and upset.

IW said...

So, Owen has every right to kick a sick and pregnant wife out of the house, when he is the one who wants to end the marriage? WOW, what a man! It once proves me that Cristina is the one who wear the pants in this relationship.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the scenes where Owen was "discussing" the situation with Cristina - he acted like he knew her better than she does (which he doesn't clearly!) and made all these assumptions about what the problem was and what the solution would be.
He wasn't listening to her and he only saw her the way he wanted to see her and not who she really is.
For someone who has stuck by him and who has seen and accepted HIM for who he really is when he was going through PTSD, Cristina deserves better and needs to move on.

Anonymous said...

"For someone who has stuck by him and who has seen and accepted HIM for who he really is when he was going through PTSD, Cristina deserves better and needs to move on."

This I totally agree.

caseyscooby1985 said...

I do agree that Cristina has stuck by Owen through alot of bad things in his life. But, if you think about it, the time when they are apart is when they make the right decisions. I still believe that Cristina will end up keeping the baby and her and Owen will get back together. I don't think Rhimes will want to put Cristina through another bad pregnance. That would be cruel.

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't see why Cristina is with Owen at this point, so I hope this is the end of them. He doesn't understand her, he doesn't support her and he always thinks he knows what's best for her. He is no better than Burke.

When he mentioned that he has made plenty of sacrifices, I could not think of one. She makes all of the sacrifices in the relationship. She is the one who supported him through his PTSD, him choking her, yelling at her in front of her co-workers. Then she had to go through the Teddy situation and him not being sure about who he wanted to be with and lying to her about it. The baby issue is the only instance where she has actually stood firm. When she was sick and just wanted to lay down, he kicked her out of the house that she bought, because he wanted it, just because he didn't get his way this time. He is such an ass.

I really hope she sticks to her decision and is able to move on next season. I can't watch much more of this relationship. Especially when, any time she doesn't bend to his way, she is accused of being selfish or immature. Everything else she has done for him is completely forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Owen haters at all. Please don't lose faith in him and Cristina. He truly knows Cristina. And he wasn't upset with Cristina's decision about the abortion, he was upset that she wouldn't consider making a decision with him. Yes its her body but its their baby. She's never thought about his feelings at all. Please don't get me wrong I LOVE CRISTINA YANG, I believe in pro-choice but I want Cristina to grow and imagine life to be more than just surgery. I think her block on children stems from her abandonment issues. And I think having her pause to think for a moment is a way for Owen to have Cristine open up and accepting that she is in a partnership and new life now as a couple. Please don't turn your back on the best couple to ever be written for Grey's.

JN said...

Anonymous -May 21 @5:34 - I agree with you, not sure why there is so much hate with Owen. I will concede that my image of Owen was tarnished in Season 6, but the fact that he wants something so badly and wants to believe in something "bigger" in life seems to be someone whom Christina needs. Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER, EVER say that anyone should stay in a relationship with some one who is controlling and overbearing. Thankfully, that is NOT Owen. They are a good representation of a couple who have learned how to compromise and see each other's views as they continue to form their lives together - and they are by no means perfect, but they manage to make their partnership passionate and substantive.

I find it sad though for someone to want something so much and have to be with someone who is polar opposite. In real life, such couples break up over this. But of course, Shonda Rhimes pulls the strings on this so I am crossing my fingers that there is more to Christina's story that will eventually lead to her and Owen welcoming a baby into their lives (Shonda, I'm just asking for one kid, not trying to be greedy and asking for triplets or anything...Christina as a mother will offer much in entertainment value --many opportunities for tears and laughter for this situation...)

YWE said...

For me, Owen is not that bad guy, he is just weak and boring. Sometimes I get a feeling that Cristina is the one wearing pants in this relationship.

BTW, whoever gave Owen the "McBadass" nickname should totally give it to Cristina instead.

Gead said...

I know Cristina bought the house, but I think it was also Owen who turned that house into a home. So it's their home. Owen was probably just really angry, I don't blame him.
But I also don't hate Cristina for not wanting a baby. But you see, Owen didn't ask Cristina to keep the baby, he was asking Cristina to just think about it more deeply, think of what their life could be with the baby. That was all he wanted so I also don't understand the Owen haters.

Cristina can do so much more in her life and she may be underestimating herself. I love Cristina's character, I don't want her to be recognised as the one who got an abortion because she couldn't handle having a family and a successful career at the same time. I want her to be known as the character who was so badass she has a badass loving husband, beautiful baby AND a successful career. Most of the audience are women so this is a very positve message for them as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Owen is weak and boring. No matter who bought the house, he looks weak for kicking his pregnant wife, who was feeling sick and had just asked to lay down, out of her house. The fact that she was the one who bought the house, because he wanted it, just makes him look even more weak. I really don't understand what Cristina is getting, or has ever gotten, out of her relationship with Owen.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous - May 22,2011 - 12:44PM - Are you kidding? Owen if far from weak. Yes. It was really crappy thing to do kicking the pregnant woman out. Really bad form. But in the SP he said he would never leave her. She abadoned him this episode. If anything Owen is strong because a weaker man would have left Cristina long, long ago. Like when she decided to be a bartender/ stripper.... He's the only person to stand up to Cristina. That's good for her because she still narrow-minded in her thinking. I just hope Shonda shows critina's growth before we lose sandra altogether.

Anonymous said...

Why would he leave her before? She did everything for him and he didn't have to give anything back. I see why he wants to be with her, I just don't see why she wants to be with him. He's not strong because he's smart enough to know that no one else would put up with the amount of stuff she puts up with.

He doesn't stand up to her, he lectures her until he gets his way. She always caves to him, except for this issue, and he left her because of it. Growth is knowing yourself well enough to know what you want. I think even more growth would be getting rid of people in your life who try to force their ideas on you, like Burke did before, and now Owen. Owen knew she didn't want kids, but he married her thinking the she would "grow up" and change her mind. That is condescending. She needs to get rid of guys that treat her like she is a child and find one that actually respects her opinions and does not try to change her.

I will always see him as weak because of that scene where he kicks her out of her own house, while she is sick and pregnant. To me, that is disgusting and unforgivable. She didn't abandon him just because she didn't change her decision. He'll never leave her, but he'll kicked her out of her own house when she is sick and pregnant? That makes no sense at all. He was the one who decided to end it, so he should have left.

YWE said...

"Why would he leave her before? She did everything for him and he didn't have to give anything back.

You nailed it! Cristina should've left long time ago, when the PTSD made him a dangerous and indecisive jerk, when Cristina nearly got killed by him, when Cristina knew he had feelings for another woman.

"He'll never leave her, but he'll kicked her out of her own house when she is sick and pregnant? That makes no sense at all. He was the one who decided to end it, so he should have left

Frankly that makes no sense to me as well. So Owen kicked her out, meaning Owen would never leave her so he had to kick her out? What is the logic here?

Anonymous said...

I really believe that cristina and owen are not breakin up he is not made that she is having an abortion he is made beacuase she didnt think of him wen makiin her decusin

Anonymous said...

did anyone else hear windchimes lastnite when they showed the plane crash site?...heard them a few times...what did it mean????? cant find answer anywhere :(

Anonymous said...

Christina gave Owen no say in the baby. And when she came home and told him she was getting an abortion he tried to discuss it with her. She responded by yelling "I said NO" . In a very threatening and controlling tone. I believe he had every right to ask her to leave, personally.

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