Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheer Up, Yang/Hunt-ers

We have been getting lots of comments lately from all you Yang/Hunt-fans, concerned about a possible break up between Cristina and Owen since the news broke that Kim Raver has joined Grey's Anatomy as a potential love interest to Owen, as some of the spoiler sites have been predicting.

You can now relax, peeps. (We think.)

In addition to this article that we posted yesterday from the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, there is also a picture of Cristina and Owen and next to it is a quote from Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes, that says:
"Teddy is not so much a threat to the Cristina/Owen dynamic as Cristina is."

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Thanks to Cat for heads up.

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Anonymous said...

This freaks me out even more. I think Teddy is manageable but Cristina can seriously screw this thing up. Yikes.

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