Monday, October 26, 2009

The Arrival Of Teddy

A tidbit about Grey's Anatomy from the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine:

November will also see the arrival of Kim Raver as a heart surgeon named Teddy. While her name maybe cute, Rhimes says the character is anything but.

"She's kind of a badass who joined the army where she became close friend with Owen. Now she's here to test the waters".

Should Cristina be worried about this Teddy bear taking away her cuddle time?

UPDATE: There is also a picture of Cristina and Owen and next to it is a quote from Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes, that says:
"Teddy is not so much a threat to the Cristina/Owen dynamic as Cristina is."

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Anonymous said...

I am not worried at all! :D Ok maybe just a little...dam! But I have to keep the faith!

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