Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Birth Or Not To Birth

Latest tweets from Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes about Cristina Yang and the pregnancy:


It sounds like Shonda Rhimes has made her mind up about how this will end. What do you think Cristina should do, dear peeps? To birth or not to birth, that is the question.


Becky said...

Part of me want to see Cristina Yang pregnant and as a Mother.
It would be quite funny, and I'd love to see how she respond to it all.
However, the other part of me respects her sticking to her morals and thinks it would be sad if she caved in so easily.

Tricky. :)

Anonymous said...

People change all the time about babies. I've seen several woman freak out before they got pregnant for the first time. One friend was ready to divorce her husband. Now she has 3 kids and doesn't regret it. Don't think anyone "caves that easily" and if Cristina changes her mind I'm sure she'll have put some thought into it. Not sure which way Shonda will go. Guess it depends on whether Sandra Oh stays or goes in Season 8. If Cristina terminates the pregnancy, hope Shonda makes it "real" and shows what women go through to get one rather than romantacize it like its something as simple as throwing away a worn rag doll. It isn't. Still amazes me that Shonda would have a "genius" doctor seemingly adamant against having children have an unplanned pregnancy not once but twice and not even know she was pregnant for 6 weeks. But this ain't real life as Shonda says...

Paula said...

Applause for Shonda's answers!!

Anonymous said...

I think Cristina should have the baby because well, I want to see what her baby would look like.

I do know this, whatever happens the story will NOT be told well, no story on this show is ever told well. It usually starts off with great promise and not even halfway through does it start to fall flat on its face.

Quite frankly, having the baby is the easier story for these writers to tell, no way does this writing staff have the skill nor the screentime since they have to write for fourteen characters- to tell a good story about a woman who goes through an abortion and the fall out or emotional toll it take on that woman, no way.

I mean they couldn't even address with any detail Mer's miscarriage.

Also I just don't care to see a story about women who just doesn't want to be a mother because Shonda wants to give them a voice or justify their choice. I get it, and don't blame them. You should not bring a life into the world if you really don't want a child and know that you are not cut out to be a mother, especially since child nurturing/care still falls mostly on the mother. But give me a break with Shonda and her using this show to send messages and "represent" this group and that group because this show is horribly written. You can't take this show seriously, so I wish she would stop trying to get serious and pretend that she is writing these half ass storylines to send messages on behalf of the various groups of society who are still very much judged harshly, misunderstood, misrepresented or just not represented at all.

Just stick to the soapy, no depth, cliche' writing and give Cristina the baby so I can see what it looks like with a mix of her Asian and what is Owen supposed to be, Irish? genes. That's all I want to see.

Anonymous said...

In addition, does it really matter at this point to try and guess since they are only going to write a storyline based on who may or may not be leaving after season ? Although, they could have her die in child birth and leave the baby with Owen if SO is leaving, that'll be a little piece of Cristina left on the canvas.

Actually, they might want to think about that if they care at all about keeping some of that fanbase if she does leave. But of course they'll then have Teddy swoop in and raise Cristina's baby with Owen and that would not be wise either I don't think, if they want to keep some viewers after Oh leaves.

They write based on what is happening backstage, it has nothing to do ultimately with telling a good story IMO. They've just had so many chances to tell a good, thorough story for a few characters over the years and they keep dropping the ball.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping to see Cristina decide to keep the baby. I hope that she will and try to Owen in on the decisions. I really think that Kevin might leave to, due to the fact if they start making Rome the Movie, like he talked about in season 6.

Anonymous said...

I sooo hope she will have this baby. otherwise I will quit watching Greys immediately. I know Shonda does not give a damn if I! But I think there are women who are against babies and one day they a pregnant and decide to have it. I just cant believe Christina would do that to Owen. I mean: COME ON!!!!! This baby is the result of deep love and passion. They are married. Her storyline with Owen is the complete opposite of her storyline with Burke. Burke left her at the altar, Owen married her. Burkes baby even positioned wrong in her womb. Owens army-baby knows exactly where to position. :-) christina faced sooo many baby/kids situations during Greys Anatomy and she did always a great job. she is just scared as hell due to her daddy issue, her terrible mother. Do you think I would ever forget how she cried when sie lost her first child??? She cares. And thats why she almost cried when Owen asked her if it already has hands...She has separation anxiety. Thats it....I read once that Shonda intended to let her have a baby by the end of season 5, but then decided that it was not the right time...well.....NOW IS THE TIME! I imagine a daughter for them. A sassy mini-christina with camouflage rompers. I love Christina and Owen. They are so badass, passionate and funny. Never seen such GREAT chemistry between two actors. So intense. Christina would not be the traditional mother, but a real great one. She would be a good teacher for her child, so would Owen. They rock my world since I laid eyes on them in season 5.Shonda: PLEASE dont destroy them. You would make us so happy with this baby.So I am begging you.And: Is it soooooooo unrealistic a person like Christina makes up her mind? NO NO NO. I will die till September.....

Anonymous said...

baby or no baby? honestly I would love to see Christina with her baby ,cause this probably show the other side of her..unexpected..and other thing I hope Christina can accept other ppl opinion Nand at least would be able to discuss issues with her husband like a grown up :)whatever it is ,i love them both

Anonymous said...

I imagine two different ways the story could go. One of them includes Cristina having an abortion and the whole season we'll see Owen trying to forgive her and Cristina regreting what she did. They'll he on and off and they'll drag it for the whole season, and then in the finale they'll get back together. This will bring tons of drama and great performances, but it will be sad to watch.
The second one is Cristina keeping the baby and Owen beeing there for every step of the way. This means lots of comedy and a Cristina/Ellis comparison. Of course, I want to see the second one, because for the last 7 seasons the writers showed me a Cristina that evolves and accepts new chalenges, instead of someone who knows for sure what she wants. They failed to show me a Cristina who would want an abortion in this situation. So if she does it, I won't buy it. But I keep thinking they'll go there and do the first scenario, because they need the drama and it would last the whole season. Also as someone said, Shonda likes to represent a group. She's done it with gay marriage and she could do it with a woman's right to choose. I pray she doesn't.

Anonymous said...

spero che Cristina abbia un figlio con Owen!sarebbe troppo triste un altro finale!

Anonymous said...

I find this storyline to be cruel, but I find Shonda to be cruel especially when it comes to Cristina. I'm so tired of Shonda trying to convey messages about contreversial topics through this show, especially since the quality of the writing in general is lacking. It's a cruel storyline because the character has already been pregnant and at that time they had to have her miscarry because the show was new it was the hottest new show and they did not want to ruin it, or have fans turn on a major character by even mentioning the word abortion. Yep, Cristina NEVER used the word abortion nor did anyone else the last time she was pregnant, not even the counselor at the abortion clinic that she went to when she made the appointment, she did not even use the word. I remember SO even commenting on how restricted the dialogue was by TPTB when it came to this topic.

Now five seasons later she's allowed to say the word and say it multiple times and will be allowed to have the abortion and I am not interested in this storyline at all if it ends in the death of this baby.
I'm conservative, but not enough to rule out abortion in any and all cases illness, rape, incest but choice or no choice, I got an issue with it in a case like this quite frankly. But my number one problem with this storyline is I simply want to see what this baby would look like, which is the number reason why I want it to live.

At this point, I'd rather watch season three's tremorgate, Gizzie, you name any other horrid storyline this show has come up with and I'd rather watch that for season 8 than watch this BS. Why? I know the only reason she's pregnanat again is so Shonda can support pro-choice via her show and/or end O/C for good and make Cristina the most hated character because SO is not going to sign on for another season and they love to destroy characters to the point of no return before they write them off for good. This theory I don't get because if you want me to stick around and continue to watch after my favorites leave, destroying them would not be a smart way to ensure my loyalty and interst in the show after they are gone.

Shonda said, KmK said, and Shonda has not refutred his statements, that Cristina was supposed to be pregnant at the end of season five and they were going to keep and raise the baby together and I don't buy that for one second. I buy that Shonda told the actor this, I don't buy that she was going to go through with it. It was another lie just to keep the shippers hopeful and dreaming of what they may have still to come, which is why he was allowed to spill the spoiler, just to keep viewers hanging on in the midst of the disgust over Teddygate.

Bottom line, I am not interested in a pro-choice storyline at all, especially with my favorite character who has already been pregnant and lost the baby. She should have used Lexie for this because although she loves Mark we can all see how much she is NOT ready for a family in any sense of the word. Just because Cristina has sung the song of not wanting to be suzie homemaker wife and mother does not mean that she should be the character used everytime Shonda wants to do a story about how it's OK for not all women to want to be married or have children, it's beyond annoying and frustrating that, that angle constantly comes up with this character as their number one storyline.

If I wasn't so infuriated by the cruelty of this storyline, I'd laugh at the fact that Shonda just made Cristina pregnant again so that she could now put the word abortion in her mouth to finally say it on air and have the abortion on air instead of miscarry which is what she had to do last time (eye roll, please she can't BS me.

Anonymous said...

she must keep the baby !! and she and owen should make peace<3. this is what i think cause.... i cry 2 hours when season 7 ends. soo.. i really think she should keep the baby.

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