Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grey's Newbie Spoils

One of the newbies on Grey's Anatomy, actor Robert Baker, teased about a possible new storyline for Cristina Yang in an interview with TV Guide:

Jesse Williams and Robert Baker. Are there any other love interests in the hospital? There is a new gaggle of doctors; I'm sure people are giving them a second look.
Baker: I know that Cristina [Sandra Oh] and Jackson [Jesse Williams] are pitted in an adversarial relationship that always, on Grey's, seems like it leads elsewhere. The fighting leads to something else. [Laughs] I think maybe them. I'm the odd man out; nobody likes me. The bad guy is always the lonely guy. What can you tell us about Thursday's big episode?
Baker: There's been a massive apartment-building fire. It's just total chaos. It's a he-said-she-said. There's too many doctors and too much commotion. It's all centered around one patient who we lose. It's trying to find out who was actually responsible for the death of this young lady. I can neither confirm nor deny the hospital of origin of the killing party.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that sounds interesting...actually Cristina did work with Jackson this past episode and this upcoming episode they have scenes together too. That is very interesting and exciting :P

Renata said...

Thanks for the news!

BTW, Charles Denman is the character, the actor's name is Robert Baker. Just thought I should let you know ^^

Admin said...

Ooops. Thanks for letting us know. Renata! :)

Di said...

Interesting, maybe after so much talk about Owen... the one who puts their eyes on someone else is Cristina? I don't really think so, or if she does I think it will be very shortly.
I've already noticed Cristina and Jackson have really good chemistry, but Owen and Cristina togetehr will always be my favorite!

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