Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Professional Admiration: Kevin McKidd

We must admit that we are quite fond of this Kevin McKidd guy. He recently, very kindly, did a Q&A with his fans over at Kevin McKidd Online and this is what he said about Sandra:

Q: What have you learned the most as an actor from working with Sandra Oh?

KM: She is very thorough in her prep -- to see that from an actor who has been in the same role for 5 seasons is impressive . But she is also willing and open to give in to the moment and the possibility of something new happening - just a great committed actor with a big talent

To read the full Q&A with Kevin, go to Kevin McKidd Online.


lilieh38 said...

ha he's so sweet and kind! i love what he said.

Maya said...

That was my question :)

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