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Sandra Oh and Eric Dane Take On Emcee Duties At Grey's Benefit [Update]

Sandra Oh and co-star Eric Dane were the only cast members who didn't sing at the Grey's Anatomy benefit last night, so instead they served as emcees at the event. Reporters from TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter were at the event and here are their recaps regarding Sandra's participation in the show:

UPDATE - Mar 21: Buddy TV recap added.

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Update Mar 21 - Buddy TV

First up? Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) who acted as the emcee of the festivities. It turns out that Sandra shares Cristina's blazing intelligence but her warmth and effervescence are the complete opposite of Dr. Yang. She had me charmed in seconds. Eric Dane (Mark Sloan) was Sandra's comedic foil for the evening as the two non-singers triumphed in an extended gag that centered around Eric wanting to sing in the show and Sandra trying to make sure that was never going to happen. The high point of that farce came somewhere in the second act as Eric tried to slip the Grey's Anatomy Music Supervisor his demo CD. Classic.

Daily Bruin

Despite the fact that most of the cast performed, the evening was not without its timely moments of wit and humor provided by the hosts Eric Dane and Sandra Oh, whose comedic relief smoothly transitioned the show between the emotional ballads and off-beat pieces.

TV Guide:

Sandra Oh and Eric Dane acted as emcees for the night, though Dane desperately wanted to join in on the action. Apparently, he can't sing a lick, but that didn't stop him from trying to jam out on a guitar and even slipping Grey's music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas his demo, which she promptly tossed.

Following a special performance by Ingrid Michaelson, Oh then asked the crowd if Grey's should do another musical. Though the rowdy crowd begged for more, the cast decided to read fan comments that both praised and panned the show's previous effort. The cast decided it would be a while before they'd try it again. "Maybe Season 13," they joked.

The Hollywood Reporter:

During the light-hearted show, a spirited Oh (Cristina) acted as a de-facto emcee and introduced segments of the evening that served not only to entertain but also shed light on how the medical drama came to feature a musical episode as well as how music serves as a character on the Shonda Rhimes show.
Co-star Dane (Mark), meanwhile, provided a comedic injection, taking nearly every opportunity he could to make a play to sing during the fundraiser. (Neither he, nor Oh performed.)

Acknowledging that the musical endeavor wasn't exactly a critical (and sometimes fan) favorite, the cast took turns reading feedback about the episode that was both positive and negative in a playful round that culminated with Pickens (Richard) playfully suggesting the series make a second attempt at a musical episode -- in Season 13.
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(Full recaps available at the source.)

Check out the cast reading the fan comments on the musical episode in the video below:

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Speaking of fan reactions, this is our favourite by comedy writer Sara Schaefer.
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