Monday, March 19, 2012

Sandra Oh: Three Things About Kevin McKidd

There was a Q&A with the Grey cast after the benefit, and Sandra Oh received a question about what's  her favourite thing about working with Kevin McKidd. Listen to her hilarious response in the video below:

Video credit: colettevalois

Sandra Oh: "I can’t talk enough about Kevin McKidd. Yes, talented, blah blah blah blah blah blah, that sort of thing. 
Okay, more than one thing. One, he’s a great kisser. Two, he has amazing skin. I get to touch it sometimes. [To Kevin] Yeah, it’s your skin and your lips, babe. [To audience] He is a happily married man!"

Scream by a fan from the audience: "Save them [Cristina/Owen], Shonda!"

Kevin has also said quite a few nice things about working with Sandra Oh over the years that we've posted here, so browse this category for a refresher.

More from the Q&A with other cast members here and here.

And for instant goosebumps, Justin Chambers with his daughters singing Young Folks.
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