Monday, November 1, 2010

What Did You Think Of Thorne: Scaredy Cat?

So dear peeps, what did everybody think of Sandra Oh and last night's episode of Thorne: Scaredy Cat? Tell us in the comments below as we know that many of our international readers who haven't had a chance to see it are curious. As are we. :)

David Morrissey and Sandra Oh in Thorne: Scaredy Cat.
Author Mark Billingham said that there would be "significant differences in story and character" from the books. But if they do keep Sandra's character true to the books, then you haven't seen nothing yet.


moontrt said...

I downloaded the episode and I like it. Sandra's character was a drug-addicted policewoman which was quite interesting. I got nervous when the murder stalked her and pointed a gun at her. What's more, she looked beautiful especially in the interview scene.

jimrob said...

great and a BIG surprise since I live in Calif. Overseas TV is much better than the states.

Anonymous said...


How did you see it, I read the books in preperation of the broadcast. But i've been unable to find Sky1 in a cable package and of course Skyplayer is not available as a download out side of Britain.

Living in awe & envy :)

Anonymous said...

Sandra was great-loved the British accent!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, I'm afraid - her english accent was quite poor I felt, and being english I'd know! Her performance was good though, although why Sky decided to get a US actress in when there are plenty of good english ones is a mystery!

Admin said...

Must ask, why so territorial? British actors star in American productions all the time and we love them for it. :)

The Thorne-series is actually a co-production between Canada/UK. Sandra Oh is Canadian and very popular over there.

Anonymous said...

(replying to previous post)

Yeah, I see your point. I guess it just seemed odd to me as we are not used to seeing Americans/Canadians starring in our shows, especially ones trying to pretend to be English! Now that I know its a canadian co-production, I can see why they'd want to get one of their actresses in it, and by doing so it'll make the show more appealing in Canada too I guess.

I *love* Sandra in Grey's, so I'm not knocking her in any way - other than her accent ;-)

Admin said...

It's all good. ;)

Following the Twitter flood, there have been mixed opinions on the accent. Some said it was good, others didn't. Sandra herself said in a recent interview that one of the cab drivers thought she was Australian. :D

Anonymous said...

JMHO: From media accounts, Sandra had very little time to rehearse with a British accent - she flew into London shortly after wrapping up shooting Grey's and worked with a dialect coach. So props to her for doing what she could given the short time to prepare. For me, a marginally decent accent - as long as it's not downright awful - is much much less an issue than bad acting. It never bothers me when a British actor doesn't exactly nail an "American" accent or seems to have a difficulty with it.

moontrt said...

I'm not sure it's allowed here, but for those outside of Britain like me, you could download this episode by searching "Thorne.S01E04.HDTV.XviD-BiA". It's easy to find, plenty there, just saying.

e2e said...

I thought her accent was not bad ;)
Enjoyed watching her portrayal as Sarah Chen.

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