Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sandra Oh and Austin Basis On The Grey's Set

Actor Austin Basis will be guest staring on Grey's Anatomy next week and he shared this pic of him with Sandra Oh from the Grey's set on his Facebook-page:

Photo credit: Austin Basis

The episode will air this Thursday and this is what he wrote earlier about working on the episode:

JAN 22: Had a CRAZY first day on "GREY'S ANATOMY" working with Sandra Oh - and I will post photos when the episode airs- I don't wanna give too much away...!
JAN 28: Awesome 2nd day on "GREY'S ANATOMY" yesterday... 3 hours of f/x make-up & a long day of laying on a gurney in EXCRUCIATING pain while CALLIE, OWEN, MEREDITH, & YANG attended to my character's injuries!!! But THAT is what I LOVE about my job to follow!

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