Friday, May 13, 2011

Heads up! Radio Interview With Sandra Oh On May 14

May 16 UPDATE: Just to let you know...  One of our readers emailed us about this and said that it was not a "real" interview, just a pre-recorded 30 sec clip where Sandra says a few words about loving physical comedy and Carol Burnett. There you have it.


Heads up, dear peeps!

Sandra Oh will be doing a radio interview tomorrow (Saturday, May 14) on Your weekend with Jim Brickman and Kym Douglas, between 6 AM - 10 AM EST, on Lite 100.5 WRCH and

More info here

If anyone manages to catch the interview, we'd love it if you can give us a brief recap.

It looks like Sandra will be promoting the season finale of Grey's next week, so keep your eyes and ears open. 



Emma said...

The finale does need promoting. Lately I've been mostly watching fragments on YouTube, but I don't think I'll even go on doing that after the long summer break. The way things are going now with Cristina, Meredith and Alex has spoilt the pleasure of watching the show for me. I also like Scott Foley very much, but I read he is not staying on, so I assume the finale will also mean the end of his marriage to Teddy. Why then should I spend an hour of my time watching characters I like so much getting hurt and causing others (Derek, Owen) pain? If Sandra Oh can give me at least one good reason for that, she's more than welcome.

Anonymous said...

Emma, keep in mind there needs to be an opening for the actors who may leave the show in Season 8. I would not be surprised if Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey move on. Even if Shonda has said most of the actors are returning for Season 8, doesn't mean they will stay the entire season, like when Katherine Heigl left in Season 6. My guess is we'll begin to hear the rumors in early June.

Emma said...

Anonymous, If they have a contract for the whole season I don't think they'll leave the show any earlier. It would have heavy financial consequences for an actor, and Katherine Heigl's departure doesn't seem to me an example anyone in their right mind would follow. You're certainly right though, when you say that they are working towards PD's, EP's and SO's exits, but the way they're writing their characters' story lines right now is killing for me all pleasure of watching the show. There seems to be nothing positive to be expected from the latest developments, nor from the sneak peaks we get to see for the finale. And then, what's with all the babies all of a sudden?! Couldn't they think of anything else for Cristina than making of her the third woman (fourth, if we consider Arizona's role as Callie's partner), within one and the same season, dealing with this issue?

Anonymous said...

Emma, I think contract negotiations are in June. Remember when IW was fired? Wouldn't surprise me if Dempsey and Sandra Oh have other projects lined up during Grey's Season 8 like KH did in Season 6. As far the SL's this season, network TV is more competetive in 2011 than it was in 2005 when Grey's first ran. What worked back in the early days no longer works today. No difference than for any other comparable show. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

it isnt wise for the producers to let the character of cristina yang just vanish all of a sudden. it would be a great loss for the show coz her character is very important! the writers should be thinking of a most creative way to make tha show more appealing like before! bring back preston burke ithink him being the attending of yang will create fire!

Emma said...

Anonymous at 5:56PM and at 12:49AM, Even if Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh would have other projects lined up, I think they would be both decent enough not to forget the fans of the show which has made them famous, and give Shonda Rhimes a chance to wrap up their characters' story lines properly, or perhaps get their roles changed into recurring ones. Whatever they´re going to do though, I do hope that for Cristina, Derek and Meredith we won't get an exit like Izzie's, which utterly destroyed the image of that character.

Anonymous said...

Emma, TV is a business. An actor has to watch out for his or herself. PD and SO don't owe the fans anything. It's debatable whether Grey's made them famous. Both of them had movie careers before Grey's. If you mean Grey's made them a household name then I agree. There is much more money to be made in movies or having your own televison show, which I think Sandra could easily have once her contract ends. That said if they exit during Season 8 the way Heigl left the show, then their SL's could be wrapped up nicely. Anyhow I hope they both stay on through Season 8.

Emma said...

Anonymous, I do know that TV is a business, and a very competitive one as well. I don't think I'm with you though on the point that actors "don't owe the fans anything". The success of a show depends very much on an audience regularly watching it, making it worth the investment. Grey's wouldn't have lasted seven years if nobody had watched it, would it? It's true of course that PD and SO had a film career before, but there are certainly more people like me who saw them for the first time on Grey's, and could appreciate their talent thanks to that show. I am sure SO could have a brilliant film career, but I think you know of the problems Asian actors have with stereotyping when being cast. I'm still very glad Shonda Rhimes is an exception, and decided to change Cristina Young into Cristina Yang, after auditioning SO. I wish her a brilliant film career of course, but since we are talking about a business, and a very hard and sometimes unfair one, I think she's well aware of the risks involved in leaving a succesful show like Grey's for the...unknown.

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