Friday, May 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Cristina And Owen In The Grey's Season Finale

There is a major Cristina/Owen season finale spoiler in the print edition of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly  (via COforever) which you can read below.

If you're sure that you really really want to know what it's all about, then proceed:

Major Couple to Split in Grey’s Finale?

Grey’s Anatomy finales are famous for their bloodshed, but by the sound of things, the major casualty this year could be Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) relationship.

“Cristina and Owen come to one of those moments where they ask themselves, ‘Is there a way back?” McKidd reveals about the May 19 season ender. “I think initially fans are going to be sad [after the finale] because things are pretty complicated…but they will be excited by the prospect of the makeups that can be made and the cool drama that happens.”


Anonymous said...

I hope that this is just away to get us all worked up into thinking that they will break up. It sounds like she is going to choose work over love again. I know that I will not watch the show again unless I see prove that they are for sure back together.

Anonymous said...

if shonda will make this fave couple of mine break-up for the deason finale i will hate her and i'll start to control myself to stop watching the show!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE break them up.
Christina is not happy right now. and Owen is part of that. He's not the Owen I fell in love with. I'm so over him.
Christina deserves someone better who will appreciate/admire/and be crazy about her.

Gead said...

Hey anon I disagree. Lol I don't know what show you were watching, but Owen is so crazy in love with Cristina, and vice versa. Even in the recent episode!

Shonda seriously has to stop the breaking ups. They have passed that 'breaking up' point. However on the bright side even if they split, they'll get back together again anyways.  Ugh but  IF they do split, we'll probably see them make up in the NEXT season :(

Anonymous said...

No they won't, they'll stay broken up Sandra Oh will probably leave when her contract runs out and they Shonda will hook him up with Teddy, because I am sure Kim Raver is NOT going anywhere despite where her storyline SEEMS like it may be going.

She put Mer/Der back together for good, but you honestly think she won't drag a break up out between O/C until Sandra Oh leaves? O/C aren't her it couple. Heck, Callie and Arizona are more the it couple than both of the other couples combine actually.

They stated that C/A are simply romance, last season they were magic, I have never, I mean never heard any writer including Shonda refer to C/O using such words, all they use is that annoying angst word and it angst that will repeatedly amount to Cristina vs. work that's her repeated storyline every season, her repeated angst, moreso than any other character.

She'll lead the fans of O/C on for as long as she can, having them look forward to a reunion that she has no intention of ever truly writing.

I think I've heard her say Mer/Der are meant to be, Callie /Arizona are meant to be, she would always say that about Izzie and Alex and she meant it except the actress left so....but I have never, ever heard her say that about any ONE of Cristina's two pairing. She writes Cristina's love live life with the intentions of never making it truly work out, or having many viewers doubt that the guy truly even knows Cristina and loves her,'s disgusting.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no!!! They can't break up. If they break up, I will cry and I'm done with GA. Because Grey's Anatomy without Owen and Cristina together in not Grey's Anatomy... ;/ They broke up twice, it's enough. If you break them up again Shonda, I will hate you forever. I'm serious... ;<
/sorry for my english...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gead, anonymous#3, Owen and Cristina are crazy in love with each other. They might not get each other on the surface but they TOTALLY get each other to their cores. Anyone who have watched since S5 would realize that. And anyone watching from S1 would realize that Cristina like all of the interns are a work-in-progress - that's residency and life. She's come a long way and I have to trust that Shonda is going to show Cristina's journey through and i hope that gdw includes Owen. They are magic together. And I totally think the writers are rooting for them. crossing my fingers.

Emma said...

Your choice of Hopper's painting for this occasion speaks volumes! It's his last work with two comedians taking their curtain call and actually saying farewell. That's what I expect Owen and Cristina will do in this season's finale too, and I'm not sure whether I want to see it happen. After all they've gone through I can't believe the writers are playing with them (and with us) in such a cruel way. It's as if season 5, season 6's finale and the first part of season 7 had never happened.

Admin said...

Hey Emma! Happy to see another Hopper enthusiast around. :D Can't take too much credit for this, because didn't know the real meaning behind Two Comedians before. Had to google it, thanks to you ;) and it turns out it's even more appropriate than originally intended. According to his wife, Edward Hopper meant to suggest that the two actors are taking their life's last bows together as husband and wife. (via Wikipedia) Very fitting!

Emma said...

Hi...Admin! Very fitting indeed!!!

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