Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kevin McKidd Kisses Sandra Oh and Tells

Check out Kevin's interview with Popeater below, peeps:

'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd takes a quick break from promoting his new film 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' to tell PopEater what Sandra Oh and his real-life wife have in common when it comes to kissing, who he'd like to see with whom on 'Grey's' and how his kids react to watching him getting steamy with another woman.

"My son had a day off school, so he came into work with me... it happened to be one of these scenes where I'm kissing Sandra. It was sort of an odd moment where he sat watching," he tells us.


Ashley said...

Meh. I'm tired of Owen. Cristina can do so much better than him.

lovecris said...

I love KMK/Owen. But please I've enough of the "it's complicated" wrt to the crappy non-triangle triangle. If I have to hear 1 more time of this, I'm going to hurl.


And you know what. If Shondaco really wants to hook Owen and Teddy up, proceed with it already. It's getting too exhausting for me and it's making me not to care anymore. Perhaps it explains why GA is going downhill as well. The show has become too angsty and depressing.

Ginge said...

KMK is ever the PR diplomat. Of course he has to say "It's complicated" out of respect for Kim. We all know he really wants OWENSTINA forever! ;-D

Ashley said...

It looked to me like he even wanted to answer 'Owen/Teddy'. Wow. Whatever happened to O/C being soulmates?

Grorge said...

I totally love Crowen~ especially their hot kisses :)

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