Friday, September 16, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Season Premiere - The Reviews [UPDATE 3]

The screener of the Grey's Anatomy season premiere has been sent out to reviewers, and we will be adding excerpts from the reviews on the Cristina related bits as they get published.

But before you proceed, spoiler alert warning on the reviews.

UPDATE: Sep 15 - E! Online review added.
UPDATE 2: TV Line  teasers.
UPDATE 3: Sep 16 - EW review.

Entertainment Weekly: Review

Meanwhile, Crowen’s baby drama continues, and while I absolutely can’t tell you how it ends, I can say that it’s certainly going to affect Cristina and Owen this year. And this entire storyline will leave you so happy that two actors of this magnitude are paired up on this show. Because their scenes are out-of-this world good, especially one that takes place in the stairway.

And while Cristina isn’t battling with Owen, she’s taking out her frustrations on poor Alex. If she’s not kicking his ass (as shown in one of the promo pics), she’s almost accidentally killing him. - Source

TV Line: Teasers
Now stand back, because here’s a flurry of teases: [...]; a surgical competition among the residents reveals a surprising team leader; one of the docs almost kills another – and I mean that quite literally; Sandra Oh will make you bawl like a baby when the Cristina/Owen storyline takes a sudden turn; and when all is said and done, you will see precisely what Mer does and does not stand to lose as a result of her past behavior. - Source

E! Online: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Season Premiere
[...] But life continues and so does the impact of motherhood on a certain awesome surgeon's future. Some want it but others would rather have a five-gauge needle to the eye. Hmm…who could that be? In Thursday's premiere we will learn exactly which docs are cut out to be parents. We can't tell you everything but we can tell you that Owen (Kevin McKidd) surprises us the most. Like whoa. Whoa.

Heartbreak Hotel: While watching we were all prepared to tell you how surprisingly lighthearted this episode was but it turns out we were bawling by the end. Completely ugly crying. Once again showrunner Shonda Rhimes brings us to tears and sets up what we hope will be a good fight.

Are you super excited for Grey's Anatomy's eighth season premiere? We know we are, and we already saw it! That's how good it is. - E! Online

A review from Paramount Recapture
- I’ll say this about “Free Falling:” it’s funny. I actually laughed out loud numerous times. And after such a devastating finale, that was a fantastic thing to find. There’s a lot of humor packed into this episode.

- The core of this episode, I would say, is centered around Meredith and Cristina. Shonda promised back at the end of the seventh season that the new year would focus more on the original cast, and “Free Falling” has kept that promise. Meredith and Cristina’s relationship in this episode is perfect in every way, and really harkens back to the early seasons.

- Overall, “Free Falling” is a fantastic entrance back into the show, and for any of those who may have felt burned by the last season’s finale, I urge you to tune in for this episode to see if it changes your mind.

- On 8.02 "She's gone": Again, this episode does come back to the originals: Meredith (and Derek), Cristina (and Owen), and Alex.

To read the entire review which is quite detailed, click here. [Link: SPOILER ALERT] But no, Cristina's big baby decision is not revealed. ;)


Julia said...

I cannot wait until the Premier! The review has made me even more excited for the return. I really can't figure out what cristina's choice will be, but I guess being surprised will be good

Anonymous said...

I think that the surprise is making me think that she will keep the baby. The old Cristina would have taken care of the baby in the ways of abortion. I will be jumping up and down when watching the SP if she tells Owen that she keeps it.

Julia said...

Yeah I hope she keep it too, but only if she wants to and it's completely her choice. I wonder whether her miscarriage with Burke will come up, or does Owen already know about that (I don't recall her ever telling him)?

Emma said...

Well, if we are going to be "happy that two actors of this magnitude are paired up on this show" that probably means that Cristina will have an abortion, but O/C won't split up. Playing such a situation seems to me to require more advanced acting skills and a good chemistry between the actors than playing the happy-ending-with-baby one.

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