Friday, September 23, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Preview

Hey peeps. We're back after a mini-hiatus, which means there'll be lots of updates coming up today so keep checking back. 

First up is this article from The Hollywood Reporter who had a chat with Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers recently where they talked about what's coming up in season 8 of Grey's Anatomy and this is what they said:

There’s no theme this season. With the medical drama is effectively splitting its run in two and taking a long hiatus over the holidays, Rhimes is approaching the season as two mini installments. “I don’t have a theme,” Rhimes tells THR. “It feels really weird to say that but I actually don’t have a theme for this year. It’s hard to put a theme over something when you only know half the story.” The good thing about a split season? “There will be a cliffhanger that will carry us through until we’re back on the air, I think, in January,” she says.

Cristina won’t change. A pregnant Cristina and new mother Meredith have very different baby drama in the two-hour opener. “The season premiere really is about how Cristina’s pregnancy impacts her relationship [with Owen] and what it means for them in the future,” Rhimes says. “The decision she makes and that he makes really are going to have long-reaching repercussions.” While Cristina has been very clear in her decision to not have children – the character had an abortion at the end of Season 1 – Rhimes says she will approach it in an interesting fashion. “I try to keep it honest to how I think people really behave as opposed to sugar coating it,” she notes.

More dance time? While Meredith’s tampering with Derek’s clinical trial has created a massive rift between the couple, and Cristina and Owen’s vastly different views on children, executive producer Beers note that the upcoming season will have “lots of good Cristina-Meredith stuff.” Hopefully that means more scenes like this.

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