Friday, August 26, 2011

In The Sight Of Red, Red, Red. Red Blood.

Random pic of the week:

Sandra Oh Adela The House Of Bernarda

Sandra Oh as Adela in the play The House Of Bernarda in Los Angeles, in July 2002.

Said about Sandra's performance in a review in Variety:

Below the main platform on three sides are pits of red gravel, and when characters step into these areas, we know they're being overwhelmed by their passion.

The character who feels most at home in the blood-red part of the set is Adela, the youngest of the daughters and the object of the desired young man's lust if not his courtship. Sandra Oh delivers a superb, physically expressive performance: She's a woman incapable of holding back her sexual passion, and most at risk of becoming like her grandmother Maria Josefa (an outstanding, white-wigged Tsai Chin), an insane elderly woman whom Bernarda keeps locked up.

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