Monday, August 29, 2011

Cristina And Owen: Bumps, Blocks And Boxes

Sandra Oh's co-star Kevin McKidd talked to TV Line recently about Cristina and Owen's baby dilemma and how Cristina's decision on whether to abort or not to abort will affect the couple in season 8. It's a little spoilerish but mostly cryptic, and you can read it all below:

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There are a number of ways Cristina’s abortion dilemma could play out on Grey’s Anatomy this fall, but one thing appears fairly certain: If she terminates the pregnancy, her marriage to Owen is kaput.

“That’s a very good point,” reasons the baby daddy’s portrayer, Kevin McKidd. “Is it just a bump in the road, or is it a real block in their relationship? That’s addressed in the early part of the season.”

The very early part. As series creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealed to TVLine, the question of whether Cristina goes through with the abortion is answered by the end of the two-hour season opener, airing Sept. 22.

McKidd acknowledges that “the writers have written Cristina into a bit of a box,” but adds that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “[T]he really good juicy stuff gets going when they go, ‘OK, we’re going to make this as difficult as we possibly can for this couple. They fought to get together, with the Teddy of it all in Season 6 and then the PTSD, and now it’s like slam, we’re going to give you the hardest problem of all.’

“It just gives us an opportunity to tell a better story and a more important story,” McKidd continues. “And it’s really tough. Network shows aren’t dealing with that topic of conversation about abortion. I think it’s cool that they’re not skirting around it, they’re going head on into it.”

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