Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: There's A New Chief In Town

A spoiler-ish Grey's Anatomy and Cristina and Owen tidbit from TV Line:

Seriously, even more change is afoot in the halls of Seattle Grace as Grey’s Anatomy uncorks its new season on Sept. 22. Already, we have April stepping in as chief resident, but the shuffled pecking order won’t stop there. There’s also going to be a new Chief of Surgery to hail, and this time around it will be [spoiler alert!] Dr. Owen Hunt.
The most interesting reaction to it all may be that of Owen’s wife, Dr. Cristina Yang, whom McKidd says “will be excited for him, on one level.” But…? “There’s so much more going on in Cristina and Owen’s life,” what with the unexpected (and protested, by her) pregnancy, “that this in a way that adds another layer of complication for them.”
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