Monday, August 15, 2011

Cristina/Owen: There Will Be Drama

Kristin from E! has got some Grey's Anatomy spoilers for you about Cristina and Owen's upcoming relationship/baby drama:

Diana in Grand Haven, Mich.: Please, I'm dying for some Grey's news! 

How about some news on Christina and Owen? Gird your loins, because it's going to be an uphill battle for those two. In fact, the sinkhole the doctors are battling in the season premiere makes a nice metaphor for Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen.

"It's not going to be easy for them. It's more than a bump [in the road]…it's kind of a sinkhole, actually," Kevin McKidd tells us. "They're really hitting it hard. He wants kids, she absolutely does not. It's not going to be pretty."

Speaking of kids, McKidd tells us that we will get answers to the whole Christina-baby cliffhanger from the finale. "In the season premiere there will be a resolution to all of that in a quite unexpected way," he says. "It resolves, and then you think it's put to bed, but it isn't." Sounds like lots o' trouble ahead for one of our favorite TV couples. 



Anonymous said...

Sounds like an abortion to me. SO must be leaving at the end of the season and they'll string C/O fans along until he hooks up with Teddy and they can run SGH together since he'll be the new chief and Denny 2.0 will die. Afterall, Teddy will need her best friend to console her.

Another wasted season and another unsatisfying end for an orginal character as they leave this show. But at least they are giving warning. Seriously, she aborts the baby, and what? How would it come up again down the line? Are they serious? For a whole season they are gonna screw the fans of the pairing around pretending that there could be hope for a couple in which one wants children and one does not? Whatever. Notice how it's no longer about Cristina making decisions without including him, yeah folks, it's about one wants kids and one does not. The writers blog pretending that it was not was just another tactic to keep the fans of the pairing coming back. Now it's you'll think the subject is put to bed, but it's not, again, just trying to string the hopeful along.

This couple is done. Could Cristina just leave midseason so I can be done as well.

Anonymous said...

There goes those tricky words again, now Kmk is taking a page out of Shonda's book and using them. "Unexpected", WTH does that mean?

There would be nothing unexpected about Cristina going through with the abortion, especially since that was where she was headed in the finale. So what other scenario would warrant the word "unexpected"?

It's not unexpected that she would consider keeping the kid and then get rid of it when she finds out that Owen is COS. Why? Because that was part of the reason years ago that she decided not to tell Burke that she was pregnant in the first place. He broke up with her citing that his career was his focus, citing how complicated things between them would be and get in the way, but seconds before that when she came into oncall room she was about to tell him about the pregnancy after being on a happy high from that surgery he had performed on Joe the bartender. Not that she was going to keep it, but she was going to tell him until he started talking about his career and complicated relationship stuff getting in the way and how they both were focused on their career. So again, if that's how this goes down, it's not unexpected KmK, at leas not for folks like me who've been watching the character from the beginning and know the history of just about every scene with said character.

Anonymous said...

I have hope that they make it, with baby or without...They are my favorite couple and it's a shame they are putting the abortion story with them. I can see points of view from both Owen and Critina. I think she is going to keep the baby and the unexpected thing is that Owen becomes chief and that becomes the problem. How is Owen going to help take care of the baby when he has a hospital to run? His promise of taking time off will be put in the back burner and Cristina will be disappointed in Owen for backing down on that promise. I don't know it's just a thought, I can't wait for the SP.

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