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Why do some people like Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy? The following is an observation from an Italian journalist from an interview with Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh published in the Italian magazine Telefilm in September 2009:

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(Translation from Italian) 
McKidd, former star of Journeyman, resumed the role of the hero in the white uniform of the Dr. Owen Hunt, saving human lives again, but this time without temporal lifts and with the help of the scalpel. It could only be a doctor from the camp, used to discipline and ready to adventure, the kind of man Cristina can fall in love with. After Burke Indeed, the comparison would be difficult to stand ...

In fact, just to see him next his colleague Sandra Oh let me understand why these two work together on the screen. They sit in the middle of the corridor Seattle Grace Hospital, on the set in Los Angeles. She arrives a little late but as soon as she sees him from afar she lights up and runs to hug him, she brings her chair near to his chair and, constantly looking at him, she speaks looking into his eyes.

She recalls me Gillian Anderson: When I met Sandra Oh the first time it seemed a bit icy and detached, unwilling to autoirony, while with Kevin as shoulder she becomes another person, cheerful, amusing and almost funny. Just as Mrs. Scully's The X-Files: she seemed austere and a British demeanor, but with David Duchovny she suffered almost a metamorphosis, as if she had seen the sun for the first time. The Americans call it "chemistry" ...

Unfortunately, we don't have the actual interview part with Sandra.

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Lisa said...

Love Owen and Cristina from day one! I am rooting for them ;) I have never seen physical and emotional chemistry in a tv couple before, they are off the chart.

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