Monday, May 23, 2011

Cristina/Owen: Decisions, Decisions

Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes on Cristina Yang and the pregnancy cliffhanger:

Series boss Shonda Rhimes knows that not only did this year’s season finale give Mer-Der fans pause, it also has Cristina-Owen shippers in a lather, given Yang’s seemingly insurmountable opposition to going through with her unplanned pregnancy.

In her defense, Rhimes told me, “What we try to do all the time is take chances with our characters; if we didn’t, we would have all been bored and quit by now. We are trying really hard to keep story fresh and keep the audience on the edge of their seat not knowing where were going to go with it.”

And that is why Cristina now finds herself pregnant with a child doesn’t intend to carry.

“Cristina has always been a person who said she never wants children, so this is interesting,” argues Rhimes. “It’s the ultimate dilemma for her.”

To which I suggested that Private Practice‘s Sam would pair up nicely with Seattle Grace’s own baby-averse doc. “Yes,” Rhimes concurred, he probably would!”


Did you know that once upon a time Cristina and Owen almost had a baby? Kevin McKidd revealed in an interview last year that Cristina was supposed to get pregnant in the finale in season 5 and have the baby in season 6, but Shonda Rhimes decided to change it at the last moment saying it was not the right time.


caseyscooby1985 said...

I believe that this story will be great for Cristina Yang, considering that this coming season may be the last season us to see Cristina Yang. I think it would be awesome and funny for seeing Cristina Yang as a mother and a surgeon in her last season on Grey's Anatomy.

CathyChiang said...

Why does Cristina Yang need a baby to grow up?

Emma said...

I would like to see Cristina have a baby only if she really wants one also for herself, and not just to please Owen. What makes me really sad here is that Owen seems to be turning into Burke 2.0, who used to force her to take steps in their relationship she didn't wanto or wasn't ready for. We all know how he story with Burke ended.

The chemistry between Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd is exceptional (their scenes together in the finale were great) and it is such a pity that they are writing their characters in a way which will probably make them split.

Cristina has come a long way since we met her, and I agree with the previous poster, she doesn't need a baby to grow up. What she needs IMO is someone who shares her views and doesn't find children as essential to his life as Owen does. I would be sorry to see Cristina alone again, but it would make me really sad if she had that baby only for Owen's sake.

JN said...

I never followed Grey's until Owen showed up. But as I read about Burke, it reminds me of how in life, you have that one relationship which teaches you much about yourself and yet leaves you irrevocably burnt. When I hear about Burke and Christina, that scenerio comes to mind. But that last relationship hopefully makes you smarter, more willing to accept risks on your own terms so that the next relationship is richer, stronger, just better. And that's how I see it with Owen and Christina.

CathyChiang made a very good point "Why does Cristina Yang need a baby to grow up?". She doesn't. But the way that Owen asked her to consider the possibilty and she can't articulate why she doesn't want one and then schedules the abortion without giving Owen a chance to accept this and support the decision is the reason why we are all challenging Christina. There's something beneath the surface (as we would expect for a drama) and therefore, my theory is that is has much to do with her dad dying and her own distant relationship with her mom. As the theory goes, christina is afraid of loving the baby, afraid of being responsible for its possible unhappiness, its possibile suffering and she is putting pressure on herself that she won't be a good enough mother to protect the child. The scene with her crying into Owens' shoulder last season saying "I miss my daddy" after a little girl lost her mom stuck with me. after all these years, she will never be able to shake that sadness and pain. She sees all the possible pain and refuses to see the possible happiness (which is what Owen wants her to consider).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Emma, however calling Owen on turning into Burke 2.0 is far-fetched. He hasn't changed her and the only thing he's forced her to do was think with him about the possibilties of what they want to do about the pregnancy and she even failed to do that when she went behind his back and scheduled an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. Clearly both Owen and Cristina have a lot of growing up and talking to do or there will be no relationship left.

Anonymous said...

Cristina was open to talking about the situation with Owen. He just didn't want to talk about any other possibility except a pregnancy. He clearly wasn't listening to her and just wanted to hear what he wanted to hear. ugh.

But I don't think the writers will give Cristina another chance at a relationship with someone else. So if they do try to write up something for Cristina and Owen, I think it's very necessary for the two of them to take a break.

I'd like to see Owen fall in love with Cristina all over again and try to win her back - while she actually falls in love with the little person growing inside of her and decides to go ahead with the pregnancy without telling Owen. good drama - just what CrOwen need.

Anonymous said...

ugh who cares i'm so over them

Anonymous said...

Owen said, he wanted their baby- but, because he loves Cristina "A very great deal", he gave her his blessing- so to speak.

I believe, that the writers are going to put the two of them through an emontional 'wringer', for awhile.

In the end, Cristina will discover that she does have what it takes to be a great surgeon and a mother, too. Her and Owen will make another baby, and she will want it very much.

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