Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Upon A Time Cristina And Owen Almost Had A Baby...

Kevin McKidd reveals it all in a interview with the French Allocine:

You have arrived in season 5. Was it easy for you to integrate to the cast?
Kevin McKidd:
I was very lucky. Everybody welcomed me warmly, including Sandra Oh, who helped me to integrate myself and left me time to get my bearings. She is a very generous girl. Patrick Dempsey has also been strong. We knew since we had already shot a movie together a few months earlier (Made of Honour). It was pretty scary at first because I had never been part of a series as popular. It took me time to adapt but all went well.

Shonda Rhimes series are very unique. How would you define her style?
Kevin McKidd :
She writes with her guts. I should certainly not say it but the episode has long since passed ... In the finale of season 5, it was expected that Cristina gets pregnant. It was written. We would then have raised the child in season 6. And Shonda Rhimes came to us and saying she had a dream and a little voice told him that this was not the right time. Then she changed at the last moment. That's her style: she believes in her characters, they live in his head, they love them deeply. And then she writes very well. Especially the dialogues. I spot immediately in a script she wrote.

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Emma said...

I thought that nothing could have been worse for O/C than that awful triangle, but I was wrong: Cristina pregnant at the end of S5, would have killed me!

Damsel said...

You know what, I think I would have prefered that to the awful triangle, and I'm not one to say oh I want them to have babies, for me, to have them be together and committed to each other is enough. But with that curveball that had been talked about so much, everyone was expecting a pregnancy and I had gotten warm to the idea and was rather looking forward to it. For me, anything would have been better than what they came up with instead.Sometimes, you shouldn't always listen to the little voices in your head, Shonda. :S

Emma said...

Damsel, it would have been too similar to the situation she got into shortly after she had started having sex with Burke. If it had happened again after sleeping once with Owen, I would have started wondering whether Cristina was really as bright as we all think she is, and whether she had ever heard about birth control...

Damsel said...

Emma, hihi, yeah I had though of that too, it was one the reasons I wasn't into the idea in the beginning, but then I got thinking it would have been great to see her pregnant and all hormonal... Anyways, it's just that I'm still bitter about last season, I don't think I'll even get over what they came up with as a storyline instead.

Anonymous said...

That would have been great to watch, unlike what actually happened in S6. What a pity she changed her mind.
Yes, it would have been a similar end to S1 one, but in my opinion that would have been great. Because this time she would have had the baby, showing the big difference between her past relationships and this one. And Cristina pregnant could be the most hilarious thing ever.

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