Monday, October 25, 2010

Thorne: Scaredy Cat To Premiere On Sunday

This Sunday (Oct. 31) is finally the premiere of Sandra Oh's three episodes of the Thorne-series called Scaredy Cat, which Sandra shot in London this summer.

This is the promotional flyer for the series:

Sandra plays an English copper Sarah Chen who is quite a departure from Cristina Yang.  In a recent interview Sandra talked about how the role turned out to be a challenge for her:

The first day of work was the hardest first day I’ve ever had in my career; I had mental breakdown after mental breakdown. My dialect coach, Jill McCulloch, saved my life, she really did - I got there on a Monday afternoon and then on Tuesday I had a three-hour session with her when I realised that I was in way over my head! I’ve never experienced that [feeling] before where you’re just barrelling towards failure and humiliation.

Yes, peeps, she also does an English accent. Exciting, eh?

We'll have much more news on Scaredy Cat during the week, so keep checking back.
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