Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thorne: Scaredy Cat - Episode 1: Promotional Stills

Pics of Sandra Oh as DS Sarah Chen in the British series Thorne: Scaredy Cat which airs on Sunday on Sky1.

Scaredy Cat will see David Morrissey, Eddie Marsan and Aidan Gillen reprising their roles in an adaptation of Billingham's second DI Tom Thorne thriller, where killing becomes a team sport. The film depicts a vicious, calculated murder.
The killer selected his victim at Euston station, followed her home on the tube, and strangled her to death in front of her child. At the same time, killed in the same way, a second body is discovered at the back of King's Cross station. It is a grisly coincidence that eerily echoes the murder of two other women, stabbed to death months before on the same day. Thorne discovers that this is not a single serial killer he's up against, but two of them.
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